Inglês Todos os Dias #100: Futuro com ‘going to’ em inglês e um presente

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Inglês Todos os Dias #100: Futuro com ‘going to’ em inglês e um presente

No primeiro mini-podcast do ano, vamos conversar sobre os nossos planos para este novo ano usando uma das estruturas para se falar do futuro em inglês, o be going to. Descubra, também, como receber o nosso brinde especial do 100º episódio!






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I'm going to give you a gift today.
We're [We are] back!
Slowly but surely!
I am
You are
He is
She is
It is
We are
You are
They are
to go/to give/to be, etc.
I am going to give you a gift.
We are going to talk about the pronunciation.
My nephew is going to be an astronaut.
I am going to save money for a trip.
Whare are you going to do this year?
Have a great week! And have a great year!



What are you going to do this year? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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30 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #100: Futuro com ‘going to’ em inglês e um presente”

Hi Tim, I really missed your podcasts.
This year I am going to improve my English so quickly that my friends will be surprise :D….
Welcome back!

Go get’em, Rodrigo! 🙂

Dear teacher Tim, finally you’re back. My days are really sad without your podcasts.I don’t live in Jundiaí and I can’t study in your school, that’s why I was looking forward to listen to you again.I’m from Presidente Prudente and I love your lessons. Thanks for the gift and I’ll send your podcast and site to many ,many friends who like English too.Cheers,bye bye

That’s wonderful, Carmen! Thank you so much for your kind words! And I’m glad I can bring a little joy to your day!

i am going to organize my time to study more English yet

Good idea, Katia!

It is going to be easy to indicate yours mini-podcasts because they are sensational. 

Thank you, Katia! That is very kind of you to say that!

Hello. I am going to study english a lot.
Congratulations for the website and podcasts. Very good!
Have a great 2016!

Thank you, Helio! Welcome to our site! And good luck with your studies!

Hi Tim, I’m going to study english in USA, ESL, 
Congratulations for the podscats and  teach me
Have a great 2016
See ya

Sound like great plans! Welcome to our site!

Hi, Tim! How are you!

I miss you a lot! Great to hear you again!
Have a great year for you and for all your family too!

See you.

The same to you, Emerson! Thank you! I’m glad to be back, too!

Hi Tim.

I am glad to  hear you again.
I am going to study English and work a lot to pay my Bills.

Thank you! Great plans, Vicente!

Hi Tim,

I´m going to keep up with all your podcasts as much as I can in order
to pass on a good english to my students
 and thanks a lot for keeping on teaching us.

That’s great, Gabriela! Thank you for being here with us! You are a great teacher, I am sure!

Hi tim,

I’m going to study english very hard, watching movies and reading as much as I can.
Have a great week. I’m very gratefull for you teach us all your knowledge of the English language, I hope I can reach the fluency someday. Bye!

That’s great, Douglas! Good luck with your studies! I hope we can help you take your English to the next level this year!

Hi teacher, I’m glad you’re back!!!This year I’m going to study English hard!!!!

Good for you, Vera! I hope you can learn a lot here with us!

Wellcome back!!
Have a Nice 2016! Happy New Year!!!

Thank you, Lucia! The same to you! Glad to be back!

Hi Tim!
This is my first time here! So, I´m going to follow up his podcast everyweek.

Welcome aboard, Marcia! I hope you enjoy every episode!

Hi Tim! It´s a pleasure that you came back!

Good to hear you. This year I´m going to study a lot to get into a good carreer in public service here in Brazil.

I hope you reach your goals, Evlyn!

Great Teacher Tim!

Welcome Back! We´re all pleased that you have come back again!!!

My goal for 2016 is have a job where i can speak english fluently. I intend to get a job in an international sales department, so I´m going to make sure to be prepared for it. I´m going to study english hard.

Thank you, Paulo! I wish you the best with all your plans!