Inglês Todos os Dias #102: Going to vs Present Continuous para expressar o futuro em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #102: Going to vs Present Continuous para expressar o futuro em inglês

Vou enviar-lhe outro podcast na quinta-feira. Eu usaria o going to ou o Present Continuous para expressar essa frase em inglês? Depende. Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.


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I’m teaching at 3:00 this afternoon.
I’m going to record another podcast on Thursday.
going to / will
Don’t overthink this.
get the feel of / get the feel for
get the feel of a software / get the feel of the language
I’m going to record another podcast on Thursday.
I’m going to be an English teacher.
I’m going to record a podcast on Thursday.
I’m recording a mini-podcast on Thursday.
I’m sending you a mini-podcast tomorrow. / I’m going to send you a mini-podcast tomorrow.
We are having a party at 9 p.m. on Saturday.
if everything works out


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Vamos praticar! Escreva sobre algo que você irá fazer na semana que vem usando o Going to ou o Present Continuous no setor de comentários abaixo.

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30 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #102: Going to vs Present Continuous para expressar o futuro em inglês”

I’m having a soccer match on Saturday at 7 p.m.

What position do you play?

 i will stay at home next week, está certo?

Yes, that is correct, Lucas. We will talk more about going to vs will in future episodes.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I going to dinner with my girlfriend!

Afterwards, I’m sleeping because the next day of the week is Friday and we have to work on Friday… Too bad… hehe… But, thank God, we have a job!

True, Emerson! We are very blessed to have jobs!

I’m working tomorrow all day long , so I’m gonna study English at night only!!!

Have a great time at work! And good luck with your studies!

I’m having a pizza next Saturday at 19h30.

Yum! I love pizza!

So Tom,

Can We can use going to and continuous to talking about the future?

I really apreciaste your tips.

Yes, Leomar. You can use both. (But “Present Continuous” is only for events that are already arranged and certain.)

I´m travelling on Friday.

Have a great trip!

I´m going to study hard this year.
I´m studying hard this year.

Good for you!

I am going to work on my English vocabulary.
I am working on my English vocabulary.

Good idea!

I’m dancing at my City Club on Carnival next week! I’m going to enjoy it a lot!

The holiday is almost here!

I´m going to travel on Carnival period.
I´m working hard tomorow

Only a few more days and you’ll be off from work!

I’m travelling to São Carlos on Sunday at 07 a.m., because I’m visiting my cousins.

Have a great trip, Simone! Tell your cousins I said hello! 🙂

I’m going to get my first tatoo on Tuesday.

What tattoo are you going to get?

Hi Tim
I’m going to clean my house next weeked.

Good luck with that! 🙂

i’m going swimming next week
i’m going to go swimming next week

That’s great exercise!

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