‘Gostaria que você fosse’ em inglês (outro significado) | Inglês Todos os Dias #286

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‘Gostaria que você fosse’ em inglês (outro significado) | Inglês Todos os Dias #286

Eu gostaria que você estivesse aqui para eu poder lhe ensinar a dizer "eu gostaria que você fosse"ou "eu gostaria que você estivesse" em inglês. Mas já que você não está, não deixe de ouvir o mini-podcast de hoje! É uma estrutura completamente diferente do "eu gostaria que você fosse" do episódio #283.

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I wish you were my student.
I'd like you to go...
I wish you could...
I wish I had a lot of money.
I were
You were
He were
She were
It were
We were
You were
They were
I wish I were rich.
I wish you were my student.
I wish I was rich.
I wish I were your teacher.
I wish you were my student.
I wish you were here.
I wish I were there.
I'd like you to be here.
I wish my son were studious.
I wish my son were a good student.

Você vai gostar da séria PHRASAL VERBS E EXPRESSIONS porque é mais fácil aprender brincando.


Let's practice! Complete this sentence in the comments section below. 

I wish I/you/he/she, etc. were ____________________ .

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46 comments “‘Gostaria que você fosse’ em inglês (outro significado) | Inglês Todos os Dias #286”

I wish I were more tall

Me, too. But it’s no use worrying about it. 😀

I wish I were able to speaking english fluently.
I wish you were my english teacher, is it possible Tim?

I am already, Julio! 😀

I wish you were here with me!!!!!

I am with the podcast! 😀

“I wish you were here”. That reminds me of Pink Floyd 🙂

Is that the title of their song?

I wish i were speaking English well.

You are!

I wish I had money. I ‘ d like to know a lot of countries and different cultures

Yes, that would be interesting!

I wish I were rich, so I’d know many cities and contryes

That’s another way of putting it. Good job!

I wish they were in my house.

Then you could keep an eye on them!

I wish my son were rich! 😉

Then you wouldn’t have to loan him money! 🙂

I wish I had more time to study English everyday.

At least try to participate here every day!

I wish i were in united states, knowing all cities i’d like, but speaking English fluently

Who knows one day!

I’d like you to go to the college now. I wish you were my student.

What course do you teach?

I wish I were travelling around the world.

How fun!

Hello Tim, happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

Thanks, Valdinei!

We wish we were your students!!

You are! 😀

I wish I were fluent in English and Spanish

You’re getting there!

I wish u were my english teacher ! I’m a big fan of the way u teach it !

Thanks, Gil! Let’s say I am!

Tim, I wish you were my neighbor, I’d can study English everyday.

I’d like to have a neighbor just like you! (signed, Mr. Rogers 😀 )

I wish you were my teacher.

I am!

I wish my daughter were any less spoiled!

Are you spoiling her?

I wish I were living in Italy, because I love this country.

Do you speak Italian?

I wish i were rich.

I wish I had more hair on the head.

Something’s not adding up !!
This student of yours is a genius, how could he make this mistake? HAHAHA 😛

Hey, this comment was posted in the wrong podcast. Please delete it. 😉

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