Nosso site está funcionando graça ao… | Inglês Todos os Dias #186

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Nosso site está funcionando graça ao… | Inglês Todos os Dias #186

Graças ao Fabricio, um ouvinte do nossos mini-podcasts, resolvemos o problema de lentidão no nosso site. Tudo está funcionando bem agora! Por isso vamos aprender a dizer graça a em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!

E não perca o cupom especial do aniversário do Tim Barrett (hoje). É só colocar o código tim2016 na hora de fechar a compra para receber um desconto de 30% até domingo (02/01/2017).

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Our site is working smoothly again thanks to Fabrício!
Our site is running smoothly again!
Thank God!
Thanks to the storm, we have no electricity.
Thanks to Maria, we have tickets to the game!
Thanks to your hard work, the party was a success!
It’s thanks to Sammy that I heard about the job!



Let's practice!

Write a sentence (in the comments section below) with the expression thanks to.

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46 comments “Nosso site está funcionando graça ao… | Inglês Todos os Dias #186”

Thanks to Tim and Tammy My english has improved.

It’s great to hear that!

Thanks to Fabricio and thanks to Tim I keep learning English.
Tim, you are great. Have a great new year and happy birthday. Thank you.

Thank you, Erasmo! Happy New Year to you, too!

Thank God there are Americans like Tim and Tammy here in Brazil teaching us such wonderful language. Happy birthday, Tim you are fantastic  !!!!

Thank you, Carmen!

It’s thanks to my dog that I wake up early every morning!

I assume he barks and wakes you up every day.

I am studying English smoothly thank to Fabricio and Tim!

That’s great, Ezequias!

Obrigado por todas as aulas . Um feliz aniversário !!!

Thank you, João!

Thank God we have access to your website.

Have a nice night.

Thank you, Deyvson!

Happy birthday to you Tim! That you have a good health and God bless you forever! Thanks to you, I learn English everyday, slowly but surely! And congrats Fabricio to solve the problem to your site! \o/ \o/ \o/

Thank you, Emerson!

Hello Tim, happy birthday late! Happiness for you.

Thank you, Igor!

Thanks to javascript the site running like a flash,btw thank you for tip. Happy-B day! 🙂

Thank you, Ariol!

Thanks to inglês todos os dias’ podcast i`m learning english everyday.

I started to listen to you today and i love it already. I am listening all other podcasts and trying to answer all posts… one day i`ll done. 😛

Happy b-day and happy holidays.

That’s great! Welcome aboard!

Thanks to Podcast my english is improving. 😉

Happy Birthday Tim!!

That’s great! Thank you, Deise!

Thanks to my husband, my car is working again.

You have a helpful husband!

Thanks to corruption we are facing the worst crisis ever.

That’s true, unfortunately. 🙁

Thanks to my mom I was born!

That’s the truth! 😀

Thanks to Tim we are learning English very fast!

That’s great! Thanks, Sergio!

I’m happy Thank to God.

Is this correct teacher in this way ?

Hello, Deyvson. Just say: Thank God (for “Graças a Deus”). Now if you want to say “Sou feliz graças (por causa de) Deus”, then it would be: I am happy thanks to God.

Thanks to the Doctor my friend’s kid got over quickly.
Thanks to the  “Mega Sena” prize I paid my bills.
Thanks your help my days aren’t  more  startling

Wow! Lots of good things have happened!

My English is improving thanks to Tim and Tammy,

Have a great birthday and happy new year, see you next year….rsss

Thank you, Denilson! Happy 2017!

Hi Tim! Just a little contribution:

“to run” em “informatiquês” normalmente se traduz por “executar” ou “rodar”. Ou seja, “our site is running…” se traduz em português como “nosso site está executando…” ou “nosso site está rodando…” num linguajar técnico de informática do que “trabalhando” ou “correndo”.

Happy New Year!

It’s good to know! Thank you for sharing that, Djan! Happy New Year to you, too!

Thanks to Cuca, besides of all warriors, Palmeiras has had won Brazilian Championship, last year.

I can improve the english thanks to Tim.
Thanks to the rigorous winter Europe is having a bad weather.

Thanks to the rain we have flowers again.

show muito legal

Hi Tim!

Thank a god I can feel a live!

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