‘Heads up, se liga, fique esperto! | Inglês Todos os Dias #215

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‘Heads up, se liga, fique esperto! | Inglês Todos os Dias #215

Meu amigo me avisou para "ficar esperto" porque tinha um speed trap (radar) à caminho de sua casa. Vamos aprender a dizer 'Se liga!' ou 'Fique esperto!' em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.

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- Be careful, there’s a speed trap on the highway!

- Thanks for the heads-up!”

There is
speed trap
Heads up, guys. I think there will be a test tomorrow!
give a heads-up
I got a heads-up
get a heads-up
It’s just a heads-up.
I sent a heads-up to my friend.
My friend sent me a heads-up.
Heads up! There’s a speed trap on the way!
The government sends a heads-up about possible attacks!
Heads up! There’s a new “Domine Inglês” tip coming!
Heads up! The boss is coming!
Give me a heads-up!

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Let's practice in the comments section below! Complete the sentence:

Heads up, _________________________________ !

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49 comments “‘Heads up, se liga, fique esperto! | Inglês Todos os Dias #215”

Heads up! The exam is coming!

Thanks for the heads-up!

Heads up! Keep your eyes peeled to speed trap on the way!

I will! Thanks!

Heads up! It’ll happen a general strike in São Paulo on Friday 28. Be careful!

Yes, I’ve heard of that!

Heads up! The game of the Palmeiras starts at 9:45 pm

Thanks for the heads-up! It was a great game! 😀

Heads up! We have a test to the next week.

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll study hard!

Heads up guys ! We might be in a big trouble to take public transportation this Friday because of the strike. Thanks Tim for helping us to improve our English.

Sure! Thank YOU for participating, Gil!

Heads up, Tim and Tammy give us great tips, keep it in your heart.

Thanks, Celio!

Heads up, Tim is looking our comments!

I sure am! 😀

Heads-up the São Paulo´s traffic is very dangerous !

Tell me about it!

Heads up! The thunders are rumbling outside!

Better unplug our appliances!

Hey bro!! Heads up!!! My Team, Atlético PR is leader of Libertadores Death group!!!  Rs

Not for long! Palmeiras is catching up! 😀

Heads up, we need that you respond ours comments

That’s right, Adriano! 😀

Heads up guys ! Improve your the oportunity to learn english with american native. Get frequentily effective tips about american english, yes here, and keep it in your mind ! Have everybody a great day and wonderful long weekend!

Thank you, Ricardo! You have a great holiday weekend, too!

Heads up! There are many car been stolen in this highway.

Good to know. Thank you!

Hi forks! Heads up, enjoy the life, is going on very quikcly
Take care!

It sure is!

Heads-up! I am here

Good to see you here, Matheus!

Heads up! I am learning English with you! Thanks Tim!!!!

Thank you, Rosana!

Heads up! Lula is coming to testify in Curitiba and with him comes his whole bunch!
(I’m from Ctba)

Yes, we’d better be on the alert! 😀

Heads up! Do a tip about how to say “rolezinhos” in english. Example; Fizeram um rolezinho sexta-feira no shopping X . Ty Tim

Thanks, Ariol. Can you tell me what “rolezinho” means? 😀

Heads up! Today it’ll rain!

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll take my umbrella!

Heads up! We’ll have a english test tomorrow.

Better study!

Heads up! I am learning English with you Tim!

That’s great! Thanks, Rosana!

Heads up! I am waited your podcast in the next week.

Heades up! Teahear, I have an idea for improving feedback.
When you answer our comments, we could receive an email notification. So we know that you answered us.

Heads-up! There’s a new boss in the company today.

I like it! Thanks so much.

I like it! Tanks so much.

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