I could use a drink

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I could use a drink

Several people asked me about a sentence in the last video we showed you.

Click here to see the video: “O Brasil está ‘mandando ver’ com a produção do iPad”.

Several students didn’t understand it when the host said:

“Brazil could use an economic boost.”

Most of our students understood that he was saying…

O Brasil poderia/gostaria de usar um empurrão na economia.

But that is not what the expression means!

  • that is not what it means = não é isso que significa
Como se diz “could use" em português? Qual é a tradução de "could use"? What does "could use" mean? What is the meaning of "could use"?

  • could use = “estar precisando” de algo; precisar muito;  algo “cairia bem”

Brazil could use an economic boost. = Brazil precisa muito de um empurrão na economia.

Other examples:

I could use a haircut. = Estou precisando de um corte de cabelo.

I could sure use a cup of coffee right now. I’m tired. = Preciso tomar café. Que canseira!

I could use a nice hot shower right now. = Um bom banho quente cairia bem agora.

I could use some help over here! = Preciso de ajuda aqui!

You look as if you could use a break. = Parece que você está precisando de uma pausa (no serviço).

How about you? Please tell us what you “could use” right now.

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44 comments “I could use a drink”

excelente post. 🙂

Thanks, Daniel!

I loved that.

Glad to hear that, Sandra!

I could use some spare money in the pocket right now 🙂

Same here! 🙂

I could use a friend to talk English with.

Is this correct? I've tried.

That's correct, Rosana.

I could use to visit your website everyday…

Hello, Carlos. You can't use this expression with a verb after it. So it would be better to say…

I could use some help with my English.

Or something like that.

Thanks for your participation!

That´s great! I have no idea how  to translate that.
excellet tip!

Thanks, Van! Glad you liked it.

I think I came across this expression a couple of times and never realized its real meaning..
Great post Tim!
Thks a lot.

Thanks, Bruno! Glad you enjoyed the tip.

I could use a good night sleep!

So could I!

I could use a glass of beer right now.

I could use some peace in my mind,. I'm exaust!

This house could use a coat of paint. Congratulations for this very useful site!

I could use improve my English right now.

I could sure use to receive emails like that!!! 🙂

Thank you for participating Nathalia, Magda, Plautus, and Roni (and everyone else I already answered up there).

Roni, just don't forget that after "I could use" you need to have a *noun* [substantivo]. I could use (something). You can't use a verb after this expression.

Hey Tim, I could use some extra money to finish my home remodeling!

Hey Tim,

Can I use a preposition (like "to") after "I could use"?

Great tip
Txs ; )

I could use a glass of hot milk right now to sleep better tonight!! …. The time goes by but those tips are stil FANTASTIC.. Wow!! Thanks a million Barrets!..HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND !!

Well, as I see European Comunity could use an economic boots!

Intersting. Now I know what Katty Perry is saying at that song she sings with B.O.B , the is E.T.
I could use a substacial breakfast it's 9 o'clok in the morning.

I could use some time off… 🙂 just relaxing…
Congratulations on the tips!!!

I could use some water, because I'm thisty!!!!!!!!!

Hi Tim. Thanks for the great post, as always. Well, I'm sure I could use something to eat right now cause I am really starving 🙁

Thank you for the tips. It helped me a lot.

I could use a cup of coffee and stay up all night on the internet in this website, this website is real nice!!!!

Thanks, Ednardo! But don’t stay up too late… “burning the midnight oil”. 🙂

  Eu poderia usar a expressão somente usando o could
  Exemplo:I could drink some more dude

 Essa é minha dúvida

Sim, poderia dizer isso, mas não seria exatamente essa expressão. Abraços.

Really so good !!! I love your site… I could use improving my english, become fluent. I love english and learn each day a little more. Hugs

I really could use a teacher like Tim in my school. Thanks Tim, you’re the best!

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