Inglês Todos os Dias #140: Como dizer ‘impedir que alguém faça algo’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #140: Como dizer ‘impedir que alguém faça algo’ em inglês

Assista ao vídeo abaixo e veja como a nossa cachorra mais velha impede que a Ruby (nossa filhote de Beagle) a morda. Depois ouça o mini-podcast de hoje para aprender a dizer impedir que alguém faça algo em inglês.


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Stephen: Candy does not bite; she does not bite back!
Tim: She knows how to stop her from biting, though.
She stopped Ruby from biting.
Keep the baby from crying.
Keep him from coming in.
We need to stop him from leaving!
How do I stop someone from posting on my timeline?
How can you stop someone from following you on Instagram?
Don't let anything stop you from participating!




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Let's practice! Complete the following sentence:

We need to stop (someone) from (doing something).

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24 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #140: Como dizer ‘impedir que alguém faça algo’ em inglês”

We need to stop Snoopy from biting us!!

Snoopy bites hard! 🙂

My brother is eating my cake. I have to stop him from eating all!

Yes, brothers do that! 🙂

Hom can I stop the officer from going to my house???

We have to stop the corruption in Brasil from keeping going!

Tim, speaking of how to stop Ruby from biting, I think you have to keep in mind that the training process is based on carrots and sticks, I mean, the thing you want keeping her from repeating must be something bad to her, like Candy did.

I’d like to stop UK from leaving EU but it’s too late…

Nobody can stop me from eating whatever I want, after to make up I Will exercise.

Tim, please, can you help me with this expression

“Let´s move away from bubbles”  vamos mudar de assunto??
and “I figuered as much”

Hi, Tim.
Thanks for the useful tips.
I think Ruby is such a sassy and shorty ‘girl’. ‘She’ might stop from being so cheeky.
I’ve got a poodle (his name’s Jimmy) that is too cheeky, but I love him so much.

Wow! That sentences are so hard for us Brazilians! But, I don’t let anything stop me from learning!

Wow, it’s an wonderful video! 
I need to stop me from thinking negative.

Que need stoppet the boss shouting up all the time.

Sorry, we need stoppet the boss from shouting up all the time.

Se need to stop people who harm de country.

How can I don’t stop from Tim don’t stop recording podcasts ever? (Sorry. I just can’t give the chance away). Have a Nice Day. 

We need to stop my mother from eating too much candy.

Hi Tim

I don’t know how to do to stop my dog from barking a lot. The neighboors are furious.

we have to stop ever forgetting english so that we can speak fluenty soon, so
don’t anyone stop you from it.

How can I stop smokers from littering cigarettes in the floor?

How can I stop myself from swindling my workout ? 

Hello Tim! Ruby is so cute!
I need to stop myself from going to bed late! 😀

Hi Tim! Ruby is so cute and agitated!
We need to stay alert and don’t let “Banco Central” stop the fall of US dollar.

We need make someone stoped polycytical don’t from stealing our country.

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