Eu Compraria Aquele Produto Num Piscar de Olhos [Expressão: in a heartbeat]

Eu Compraria Aquele Produto Num Piscar de Olhos [Expressão: in a heartbeat]

In today’s video talk, see why Tim would buy a book in a heartbeat if it was available – and learn the idiomatic expression “in a heartbeat”! 🙂

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Hi, It’s Tim Barrett here from I have a student who wants to learn about the American Civil War. So I was searching the Internet to see if I could find something for her. And I saw these cool comic books that give the history of the Civil War in a very fun and easy way to read and understand. So I was browsing the site when I saw that they have some of their stories available on the app store for the iPad. So I clicked on that, but I noticed that they didn’t have the Civil War series, only some World War II series and some other stories. So I returned to his site and I wrote them the following: “Greetings! Are there any plans to have the whole Civil War Series available for the iPad soon? I would buy them in a heartbeat!”

What does “in a heartbeat” mean? (Let me just send the message here.)

O que significa a expressão ‘in a heartbeat' Como se diz “in a heartbeat" em português? Qual é a tradução de " in a heartbeat "? What does " in a heartbeat" mean? What is the meaning of " in a heartbeat"?

  • [do something] in a heartbeat = num piscar de olhos, sem pestanejar, sem hesitar

Ok. This is from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. And is says: In a hearbeat (an American Idiom). It means “very quickly, without delay”.

Things can change in a heartbeat.

But when you do something in a heartbeat, that means you do something almost immediately if you have the chance. Look at the example they gave:

I would change jobs in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

That means I wouldn’t even think about it; I would do it right away – if I had the chance. That’s why I used the expression when I wrote that man on the site. I would buy his book in a heartbeat if they had it available for the iPad. Here’s another example from the Almost immediately

If I had the money [Remember! If I had the chance,… If I had the money,…] I would go back to college in a heartbeat.

That means “immediately”, “right away”, “without thinking about it”. Here’s another example:

Just tell me that you need me, and I’ll come there in a heartbeat.

I’ll come immediately; I’ll come right away. Here’s another one from Oxford Dictionaries. In a heartbeat: instantly; immediately.

I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

Here are some more examples from theidiomquest site:

I accepted the job offer in a heartbeat.

Meaning I didn’t even have to think about it. I accepted it right away.

Whenever you need help, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

So, go to our site and tell me: What would you do in a heartbeat? I’d really like to know; and also, it would be good for you to practice this expression. See you there! Have a great day! Bye bye!

How about you? What would you do in a heartbeat?

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40 comments “Eu Compraria Aquele Produto Num Piscar de Olhos [Expressão: in a heartbeat]”

Great as usual! People would study with you in a heartbeat after this.

Thanks, Cristina! We’ll continue posting here! Ready to help – in a heartbeat! 😉

If I got a job in The US I´d move there in a heartbeat, at least for a couple of monthes.

Why for only a couple of months? Would you be too homesick for Brazil?

Hi Tim and Tammy, how is going! Well, as I could say, I should use this idiom in a heartbeat

Great guys:
    My best regards

Yes, you should! 🙂

Hi Tim. What’s up?

Thanks you all I think I’m a heartbeat away from my dream to become fluent in English.

You’re very close, Milton!

If I had money, I´ll travel to canada in a heartbeat.

Yeah, why not?! 🙂

Susan said she could not go out for dinner yesterday night, but she changed her mind in a heartbeat.

I guess Susan wasn’t so firm in her conviction. 🙂

If I have money Id travel abroad in a heartbeat!

Anywhere in the world, Isabela? Or only some specific places?

Hi, Tim,
I really like the way you explain the expressions in English and I found this one very useful.

Thank you, Marcelo! So glad you are learning with our tips!

In a heartbeat I would travell to USA and would stay there. (não sei se ficou correta)

That’s correct, Mario. So, would you leave everything behind in a heartbeat?

Hi Tim! 

Is this expression similar to “in the blink of an eye”? If it’s not, what’s the difference then? Thanks!

“In the blink of an eye” also describes something that happens quickly, but it would not be used in the exact same situations as “in a heartbeat”. “In a heartbeat” often describes something that you would do without hesitation, if you had the chance.

If I be called to be a volunteer in the World Cup, I gonna accept in a heartbeat.

That would definitely be an interesting experience!

I  took his expression in a heartbeat.

You seem eager to learn! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

If I had money, I could always travel in a heartbeat!

So would I. 🙂 Well, since we don’t have any money, we’ll just have to continue working. haha

If I had a chance I would come back to University in a heartbeat.

You must have really liked school, Maria! Most people are glad to be out. 🙂

Hello Tim! How are you?
If I had the money and time I would like to do many language courses in a heartbeat.

@Tim, I have I question. “Summer Paradise”, a music of Simple Plan, have a phrase with “in a heartbeat” : “Tell me how to get back to / Back to summer paradise with you / And I’ll be there in a heartbeat” .
In a heartbeat in this music can be translate like “num piscar de olhos, sem pestanejar, sem hesitar” too ?
Thank you!

Yes, that’s correct, Bruna. Thank you for sharing the lyrics with us.

very good …….i will take a shower in a heartbeat …hahahah….

You must be needing a shower! 🙂 Thanks for participating!

Hi! If I had the chance, I would change my job in a heartbeat!

You don’t seem too happy in your current positon. Hope you can find something new soon.

Hey you =)

I’d say that a good rule of thumb is to use (the info of) an insight in a heartbeat.

Miss ya, Tim and Tammy.. =))

Thank you, Ludmila! Good rule of thumb! Glad to see you here!

It’s so good when we learn something new. 

Thanks again and keep up with the good work!

Thank YOU, Fábio! You encourage us to keep on going on!

I’m a marry man and my wife is very ugly, but if I could be a magic I changed her in a heartbeat! Bye,Bye!

Come on, Jackson! I am sure your wife is beautiful to you – and that is all that counts! You wouldn’t want to change her into some “beautiful” girl who would not give you the time of day. 😉

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