Inglês Todos os Dias #07: William Shatner (Captain Kirk) se defende

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Inglês Todos os Dias #07: William Shatner (Captain Kirk) se defende

William Shatner (Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series) missed his friend Leonard Nimoy's funeral for a charity ball. He defended himself with this tweet (see below):

William Shatner (Capitão Kirk na séria Jornada nas Estrelas) não compareceu ao funeral do seu amigo Leonard Nimoy para participar de um baile beneficente. Ele se defendeu com este "tuíte" (veja abaixo):


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:


Tell me off.
My student got told off for not doing his homework.
I was so mad at John that I told him off.


What do you think? Do you think William Shatner needed to be told off?

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12 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #07: William Shatner (Captain Kirk) se defende”

William Shatner  didn’t need to be told off. He chose to do the right thing at moment.
But Tim…Tim need to be told off for reading  the gossip session. kkkk


Thank you.

I knew I’d get in trouble for this podcast! 🙂

I really thought that we wouldn’t have mini-podcasts today… I was sad… But, how good it had!

So, I think not that William Shatner need to be told off, after all, he missed Nimoy´s funeral for a good reason… an reason that would Nimoy happy!

I think that W.S don’t need to be told off !

I really think that he made a right decision for him…

see you tomorrow !

Excellent podcast, Tim. Keep up the good work.
Peace, love, kindness and wisdom, my brother.

Well, I guess I’d get pretty upset if a good friend of mine did not attend my funeral. But, then again, I’d be dead anyway and not able to see it. 

See you. 

Good point. Haha

 Really, He doesn’t need to be told off, because he was doing a good deed.

Thanks a lot for your Job, See you Later.

Hello Tim,

Yes I do. He could have changed the date of the event to honor his friend’s funeral.

All the best!

Dear Tim, if he did something really bad in choosing to go to the fundraise (something he would have another chance to go in life, that’s for sure) instead of going to the funeral of a friend (an only chance in life, since a person doesn’t die twice), we don’t need to tell him off, because his concious will do that for the rest of his life.

I think you’re right, Patricia. I believe he came to regret that decision for many reasons. But, oh well, it was his choice and he’ll have to live with it.

Well, I think that him did the correct. Because when you die, the other’s people life goes on!

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