Inglês Todos os Dias #09: Ficar olhando / olhar fixamente

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Inglês Todos os Dias #09: Ficar olhando / olhar fixamente

Veja por que a nossa família chama muita atenção - e aprenda a dizer "ficar olhando"/"olhar fixamente" em inglês.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Our family sticks out.
Look at that person staring at me!
She stared me in the eyes.
Don't stare at people; that's rude!

Não esqueça de usar a prepoição "at" depois do verbo "stare", a não ser quando você diz "stare someone in the eyes".


Do people stare at you? Do you stare at other people? Let's chat [bater papo] below.

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35 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #09: Ficar olhando / olhar fixamente”

“To stare” seria um equivalente para “encarar” no português brasileiro.

Olá, Edson! Sim, essa seria uma ótima opção, principalmente com o exemplo que eu dei no podcast de hoje. Existem outras palavras para “olhar” que também poderiam ser usadas, que vou ensinar amanhã. Abraço.

Hi Tim!
I´m learning very much with your mini-podcast. Continue sending me every day.
Bye Bye!

Thanks, Maria Carolina! We will.

Very nice this expression ‘stare at’ I learned it with my former teacher.

That’s great, Roni! You had a good teacher!

One thing that sticks out about you is your goodwill to teach us!
Tim, God bless you and your your family!

And please, keep sending these tips for us, ok?

I’m learning english alone, so, I read many things that I like, I try to post comments in  threads about games in american sites regarding for games. Of course, sometimes, I ask help for Google (you recommend?)… For me (for now), it’s to hard to make a complete phrase in english, because sometimes I forget an word, even more when have grammatical rules… 

I know, lot of things that I have posted make no sense, it’s not correct, but, one day I´ll get there.

I’ll never give up! I don’t say uncle!

One more time, thanks a lot! You cannot imagine how much it help me!

Note: Sorry for my english’s mistakes and for this huge comment!

You make perfect sense, Emerson! Thank you for your nice comment!

First… It’s so nice, the culture of Languange American/British. 

I’ll sticks out my friends for this mini-podcasts ! 

Please don’t stare my grammar ; that rude hahaha !

See you tomorrow !

Thank you, Marcos! Just a little correction: In this case, you should say “I will bring these mini-podcasts to the attention of my friends”. “Stick out” is only to say that someone “chama atenção” (fica muito visível). Thank you for your participation! See you tomorrow!

Hello Tim, 

You scared me, I thought the bad news would be you stop with the  podcasts.

I stared at the computer screen while I listening you.


No, I wouldn’t do that! I’m enjoying doing these podcast and having these conversations with you every day.

STARE rhymes with GLARE, which I think is not fair. That’s why I’d much rather be stared at than glared at. LOL 

Keep up the good work. 

Ah! You’re anticipating my next message! Thanks for the rhyme! I’ll use it! 🙂

Hi Tim,
The phrasal show off in this case “chamar a atenção” can´t be used?

See you

Hi, Tim.
I think that’s what we mean in Portuguese Thanks for being who you are. Jesus loves you more than you will know, my teacher.
See you.

Hi, Tim.
I think that’s what we mean in Portuguese ‘fitar’. Thanks for being who you are. Jesus loves you more than you will know, my teacher.
See you.

Hi Tim I need to be told off for not opening your tips number 7 and 8. Or maybe, you can chew me out for not studing that tips yet! But now I’m here again lerning all your min-podcasts. Can I say “We stick out all over we go because our way to speak.” ?
Thanks a lot one more time.

Hello, I would like to say that you are doing a great job.

I am curious how you have learned Portuguese, because you speak Portuguese so well.


I loved it!
Thanks so much, Regards,

Tim, Sua família chama atencao não é só quando esta “por ai” falando ingles não… Lembra outro dia eu perguntando sobre vcs? Kkk
Aqui vai uma resposta para está curiosidade: 
O Brasil é um pais pobre de falantes em ingles ou qualquer outra lingua e quando tem alguem proximo falando ingles isso se torna interessante pra os Brasileiros e também quem aprende ingles fica com aquele olhar fixo ou costuma tirar o foco do que esta fazendo como eu e fico ouvindo para tentar entender ou ver como está meu inglês rsrs
Hoje teve história no mini*… Esta muito interessante 

Marivan de Itaguaí região Costa Verde do Rio

I have already known about stare at, and there are others pretty interesting expressions for situations like that, whose examplas I can’t remember now. However, about ” stick out”, I guess it also means ” ficar mais um pouco em algum lugar”   Am I wrong?

I remember “stock on you” by Lionel Ritchie, that brings about the same meaning,  preso a você, like being the only one person we stick out.

Please help me, I need to brush up my English. bye bye

examples and stuck on you —- lol

I hope everything is going well with you.
So, it’s very kind of you to be sending this sort of tips for us.
My best regards!
Thanks a lot

Hi Tim

seu pacote the phrasal verbs inclui essas aulas ” ingles todos os dias”? ou são dois produtos diferentes?

Dori Barreiros

Hi Tim, I think “glare” sounds like the expression “stink eye”. I read about, at a glance, in a text on kabbalah.

All the best, Del

Hi Tim. Nice job. Some people is always staring at me. It’s annoying some times.

Congratulations Tim for those tips every day.

Once I was at subway and saw a very beatiful girl who was looked like my daughter very much. After two or three minutes that I was staring at her she said to me: “I am marriaged old man, look for a woman that has the same age of you”. Of course I became very ashamed.

I bet that was embarrassing, José Luiz! 🙂 I guess you learned not to stare at girls that look like your daughter. hahaha

Helo Tammy,

The expression glimpse can be more near of stare or glance?
Yours podcast are my daily dessert.

Glimpse is closer to glance, Cristiano. A “glimpse” is a quick (momentary) or partial view of something. For example: I only caught a glimpse of Tony Hawk as he was passing by.

Thank you for your nice comment about our daily tips. I’m so glad you are enjoying them!

Hello Tim…I’m ACOSTUMADO with people staring me. It happens everywhere, cause my appearence sticks out.
I like to ride my harley davidson everywhere, specially when I came to work, so, people get INTERESSADAS.
Thank you for your great job. I’m learning too much with your podcast.

All the best.

Are you sure they are looking at YOU or at your HARLEY? 🙂

339096 2824very good post. Neer knew this, thanks for letting me know. 543675

Sometimes, I stare at beatifull women!

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