Inglês Todos os Dias #11: Peek-a-boo

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Inglês Todos os Dias #11: Peek-a-boo

Hoje meu sobrinho de dois anos vai lhe ensinar mais um verbo para descrever que alguém está olhando para você - mas desta vez, à espreita.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

elmo-peek-around-the-cornerI'm peeking at you, Uncle Tim.
What were you doing behind the wall? Peeking.
Peek through/out the window.
He peeked inside the box.
Close your eyes. Don't peek.
No peeking.
Peek around the corner of the chair at him.
He peeked ahead to the next chapter to see what happened next.

E veja estes "sneak peeks" que já lhe demos no passado:


How about you? What have you peeked at lately?

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20 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #11: Peek-a-boo”

Great lesson!
I used to listen speaking about sneak-peek, but I didn’t remember
Just keep with the lessons up!


Great Tim,

I remember the music of group Devo, in the 1980’s, when I was a little child, of course.LOL. Peek a Boo!!. Now, I know that what means. See you tomorrow.

I already seen the expression “sneak peek” in many others places, for exemple, in games that I have played.
Very nice!

I love so much your tips Tim! Keep going!

Have a great week!

I decided to take a peek at this mini-podcast and found it just great, as usual.  

Have a great week all y’all. 😉   

Tim, this trip was so cool, your sun is smart. 

Nice work, I’ll keep peeking at your podcasts.

Hi, Tim. We are used to saying “dar uma ‘palhinha’ a alguém” meaning give someone a sneak peek (one more way of saying that).

Thanks for the super useful tips!!!!

I keep peeking my email all the time if I have got a new tip.
Thanks, Tim

Very useful 😀

I’m peeking at all the mini podcasts. Great!!

Tim, you are doing a great work. Thanks!

Teacher Tim, I remember, I don’t know what, a movie that a Mom said peek-a-boo when she was playing with her child… Is it means “Achouuuuu” for us??
Congratulations dear Tim!

That’s correct, Eduardo! Peek-a-boo! 🙂

I always will peek at your podcasts!!
See you!!

Great Lesson, Tim!
I look forward to peeking at all your podcasts!!!(Is It right???)
Have a great week!

Hello, Vera! Thank you for your comment. Yes, that is correct. Just remember that “peek” means to look “secretly” at something from behind something, so it might sound a little funny to say that you will “peek” at the podcasts. Sometimes, however, when someone asks us to look at something or read something, we can say: “Ok. I’ll take a peek.” (Vou dar uma olhada.)

parabens Tim, da ânimo estudar com você. thanks

Hi Tim, thanks a lot!!!
In the sentence I wrote “I look forward to peeking at all your podcasts”, what’d be the right verb?

Sure, Vera. That is correct. Thank you for participating here.

Excellent tips!
I’m starting now to keeping up your website, and I´m starting from beginning! Since #01
Continue with your great job. Thanks!

I’m peeking at whole that there´s here in your website!

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