Inglês Todos os Dias #17: Como dizer ‘passar por um tempo difícil’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #17: Como dizer ‘passar por um tempo difícil’ em inglês

My student said that his company was "passando por um tempo difícil". How would you say that in English? Find out in today's podcast. And learn how to thrive "mesmo em tempos difíceis"!

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

My company is going through hard times/difficult times.
I went through some very hard times when I started working.
He's going through a divorce at the moment.
You don't know what I've gone through/been through.
Mary has gone through a lot lately.
Brazil is going through a crisis.

The plant thrives in the sun.
There are people who thrive even in hard times.

EXPLICAÇÃO: Só para esclarecer um pouco mais, o verbo thrive dá a ideia de prosperar/crescer por causa de alguma coisa ou apesar de alguma coisa.

(Don’t forget to write these sentences down in your vocabulary notebook!)

DOMINE centenas de phrasal verbs:


How about you? When did you go through a difficult time? What did you do to overcome it [vencê-lo]?

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28 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #17: Como dizer ‘passar por um tempo difícil’ em inglês”

I’m going through difficult times, because I don’t get a job…:-(

I’m sorry to hear that, Valéria; but never give up! Tomorrow is another day!

Unfortunately, some people think just because they’re going through hard times, they can give others a hard time, which I can hardly get. 

See you. 

True, Guilherme. It’s unfair to take your frustrations out on others; and it doesn’t accomplish a thing.

Hey Tim!
You talked about “have been through” now please tell me: what is the difference between ‘have gone through’ and ‘have been through’. I even remembered an outtake song from Frozen called “Life’s too short” when we can hear “have been through” (listen at 2:48 on…

Thank you!

Good question, Ana! I think I’ll have to do another mini-podcast on that! 🙂

Maybe tomorrow!

Good evening!! Teacher Tim,
I am  going through hard times to learn English but one day I will thrive soon or later.
See you…

You sure will, Vera Abreu! Thank you for participating here!

I have been through a lot hard times in my life, but, we can never give up!
Never say uncle for these hard times! We go for it!

Note: I don’t know if I have used the phrasal verb Say Uncle correctly… but, I’ve tried!

You used it correctly, Emerson. Good job. A little correction on your question: “Say uncle” is not really a phrasal verb, it’s just an idiomatic expression. (Phrasal verbs are verbs with a particle, like run + up, which changes the meaning of the verb.) Thank you for your participation.

Oooh… Thanks for your correction Tim! Actually, I get confused a little with expressions and phrasal verbs!

But, you teach me a little everyday with your podcasts and I’m so glad to you do this for us!

God bless you!

Hi Tim! 
Your podcast is wonderful.  Even though we ️️have been through hard times lately in terms of our terrible economy, by the end of the day we are fortunate to have a great podcast to listen to. We are actually thriving, learning day by day, improving our English.
Kudos again! Thanks a million!

Thank you once again for participating here, Karla! Great job with using the expressions! Kudos to you, too! 🙂

I´ll thrive in my English studies, with these daily tricks. Thanks a lot.

Hello Tim,
The meaning of “He’s going through a divorce at the moment” is exactly this way as you said “No momento ele está passando por um divórcio”.
Thank you  for the podcasts I’ve learned a lot!

Thank you, Lucia. It’s good to hear that I got the expression right in Portuguese. And I’m so glad you are enjoying the podcasts.

Hi Tim!
I’m listening to the podcasts on the bus, going to work. I used to listen to some “gringos” podcasts [lol], but yours are perfect to me!
If you want to increase the podcast’s duration time, I don’t see problem in it (lol)!
Curiously, I’ve found out it today: Monica Lewinsky talking about her hard days! There’s a “go through” there:

Interesting, Adriano. Thank you! Do you know at what point she says “go through”?


Actually, she doesn’t say it. It just appears in the summary of her lecture.

Oh, I see. Thank you.

Hi there, I’m pretty new here and thank you about the tip.
I’ve created some flash cards on Anki 🙂

That’s great, Wesley! That’s the way the review vocabulary! Good for you!


Brazil is really going through a crisis and because of this I’m afraid to loose my job. I don’t want to be fired. If this happen I will go though financial problems.

Hi Tim, 
I`m going throught hard times to learn English again , I graduated from my English course in 2009 and already forgot all, but i’ll get through my English course…
is correct ?
Thanks a lot.

That’s correct, Fran! Keep at it, and everything you’ve learned will come back to you!

hello, tim. i had through hard time when i started to study!!!! Venezuela has going through hard time at moment.

I am having doubts about if I will live in Canada or not!

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