Inglês Todos os Dias #21: Como dizer estar com vontade de em inglês?

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Inglês Todos os Dias #21: Como dizer estar com vontade de em inglês?

Você está com vontade de ouvir o podcast hoje? Não?! Então ouça, quer sinta vontade ou não - pois eu vou ensina-lo a dizer "quer sinta vontade ou não" no podcast de hoje também! 🙂


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Frases/vocabulário no mini podcast de hoje:

I didn't feel like recording a mini-podcast today.
Not true.
I don't/didn't feel like shaving.
I feel like eating ice-cream.
I feel like ice-cream.
I feel like [drinking] a cup of coffee.
Listen to these mini-podcasts even if you don't feel like it.
If you don't feel like it, don't do it.
Do it, even if you don't feel like it.
Listen to these mini-podcasts whether you feel like it or not.

E não se esqueça de ler bastante para aumentar o seu vocabulário em inglês este ano!

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Now it's your turn! [Agora é sua vez!] Complete these sentences in the comments section below: I feel like ____________ . I don't feel like ______________ . I'm going to [eu vou] _________ whether I feel like it or not!

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32 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #21: Como dizer estar com vontade de em inglês?”

I feel like listening to the questions I sent to Domineingles in a podcast.

Sorry, Amanda, I couldn’t find your question. What was it again?

At 12:48 # 21 podcast was posted.
From 13:00 to 13:30, I studied the lesson. Very good.
Minipodcast = Small in name but a great content.
What do I feel like doing?
Today I got up very early, so,
I’m dying to take a nap. Saulo – Beginner –

Good job, Saulo! Only a beginner?! You’re doing great already!

Hi, Tim, I feel like improving my English, listening to your podcast. Thanks a lot.

So glad to hear that, Valéria!

I feel like eating a chocolate mousse but I´m on a diet…

Same here, Rosane. But I use MyFitnessPal to keep track of my calorie intake; so sometimes I save up enough available calories to eat chocolate mousses and the like. 🙂

Hi, Tim.
Thanks for the tips, once more. This podcast has reminded me of the Leo Sayer’s song You make me feel like dancing (1977). Existe uma expressão informal equivalente em português para ‘feel like’ que seria ‘estar a fim de’.
Take care.

Thanks, Karneiro! That’s a good option, too. Or you could also say “I’m in the mood for”, “I’m up for…”

I’m going to [eu vou] do exercise whether I feel like it or not! – Begginer
I feel like rewrite the minipodcast.
I didn’t feel like taking a nap.
Vera Abreu 

That’s the attitude, Vera! 🙂

Thanks, Tim. Hugs.

You’re welcome. Thanks for writing!

I feel like listening your podcasts every minute! It’s so informative! I love it!

“Whether” means “se” too, right?
Whats the difference between “whether” and “if”? Which situation can I use one or another?

Thanks a lot!
Have a great weekend!

Thank you for your kind words, Emerson! How about if I answer your question in a mini-podcast?

I´m eager to see this!

Boa noite! Não sei mexer com esses podcasts! Tem como baixar? Como faz? hahaha
Tem como assinar, pra toda vez que publicar um podcast novo aparecer no meu iphone? Não quero perder nenhum!! Socorro ahahah

Very good tip. Thanks Tim!

I feel like listening you speaking English every day. It is so easy to understand it.

Thank you very much!!

I feel like quitting my job and traveling around the world for a year or two!

I love listening your podcasts … I feel like speaking English fluently but it does not happen yet… I hope it’s going to happen …

Just keep on practicing, Tania – and you’ll be there before you know it!

I really love your mini-podcasts, Tim!
I feel like improving my English learning. Thanks a lot!

That’s great, Namoi! Thank you for your comment!

Hello Tim, Now it’s your turn! [Agora é sua vez!] Complete these sentences in the comments section below: I feel like sleeping now . I don’t feel like having dinner. I’m going to work tomorrow whether I feel like it or not!
Please correct me or not.

Good evening Tim,

Could you explain the meaning of the text at the end of all mini-podcast, i.e. part of the text: Pinging (?) is currently not allowed. Thank you for your time.

I feel like estudyng english today even the holiday.

Good for you, Paulo! That’s a great way to spend the holiday! 😉

Today I felt like ice-cream. The podcast “veio a calhar” rsrsr

I hope you had your ice-cream today, Camila! 🙂 Now we’ll have to teach ‘vir a calhar’ in a future podcast!

I feel like to learn English a lot. I don’t feel like to stop. I’m going to study everyday, whether I feel like it or not!

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