‘It’s a steal!’ (Roubo ou Pechincha?) | Inglês Todos os Dias #325

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‘It’s a steal!’ (Roubo ou Pechincha?) | Inglês Todos os Dias #325

No último episódio, aprendemos um phrasal verb para se dizer que um preço é um "roubo".  Mas quando dizemos que alguma coisa é um "steal", também significa que é um "roubo"? Estas duas expressões são sinônimas? Don't jump to conclusions [Não tire conclusões precipitadas] e ouça o mini-podcast de hoje!

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At $ 60.00, those Nike shoes are a steal.
Someone stole my earphones.
Someone robbed my earphones.
Those shoes are a steal.
At $ 60.00 those Nike shoes are a steal.
At R$/$_______ , that _________ is a steal.
At R$/$_______ , those shoes are a steal.




Complete the following sentence in the comments section below. 

At R$/$  __________, that/those _________ is/are a steal!

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23 comments “‘It’s a steal!’ (Roubo ou Pechincha?) | Inglês Todos os Dias #325”

Any product from domineingles.com.br is always a steal, it is truly a real bargain! 😉

Thanks, Anderson! 🙂

At R$1,59, that kit kat is a steal!! Hahaha!!

Yum! Bring me one, too!

At R$ 22, that meal is a steal.

At R$ 75 , those shoes are a steal.

Both great prices!

At R$10,00, that shirt is a steal!

Yes, great price!

At R$ 4, that cake is a steal.

How big is it?

At R$ 1,00 , that lollipop is a steal! 

But one for me, too!

At R$ 10 , thats meal is a steal!

What’s the name of the restaurant? 🙂

At R$ 1.000,00, that a new iPhone, is a steal.

Where did you find that price! 😀

At R$ 30,00, that meal isa steal!

Yes, great price! Is the food good?

At R$1000 , that iPhone  is a steal.

Did you find it on Mercadolivre?

At R$20, that shirt is a steal.

At $400, that Asus Zenfone 3 is a steal.

Not bad!

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