Inglês Natural #02: Justo hoje! | Inglês Todos os Dias #347

Inglês Natural #02: Justo hoje! | Inglês Todos os Dias #347

Justo hoje resolvi lhe ensinar a dizer "just hoje" em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje! E você irá aprender mais este "discourse marker" justo no seu podcast favorito! 😀

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I'm sorry I can't go to the party tonight. Today of all days we go back to teaching.
discourse markers
We are going back to classes/teaching.
go back = returning
I'm sorry!
coming back
today of all days
Today of all days we are going back to teaching.
Now of all times you call me!
John of all people didn't come.
Monday of all days I have to clean the house.
of all days
of all times
of all people
of all things
The washing machine of all things broke today.
I know that you of all people will participate there!


Let's practice today's "discourse marker"!

Write a sentence with "of all days", "of all people", "of all times", "of all places", or "of all things" in the comments section below.

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44 comments “Inglês Natural #02: Justo hoje! | Inglês Todos os Dias #347”

Today of all days I forgot my kyes at home.

Oh, no! How did you get in?

How do you know that I of all people will participate there?

Because you always do!

Now of all times came down the power.
My Wife of all people crashed the car..

Is it raining there, too? A terrible storm in Jundiaí today!
Oh, no! I hope your wife is OK!

Now of all time that I’m participating website my boss has called me. 

Tell your boss to wait a second!

Hi Tim! Here goes my belated Happy New Year!

Now of all times I was going to bed, I’ve learnt a new expression.

P.S My time zone is 4 hours back.


Happy New Year, Vera! 
Thats a good activity before going to bed – learning a new expression! Pleasant dreams – in English!

Wednesday of all days I wake up earlier.

That’s great! You can study some English before going out!

I want studying English, but today of all days I have meeting all day.

At least you learned one little expression before heading off to the meeting!

Now of all times I’m sick and can’t go to the beach.

That’s too bad! I hope you feel better soon!

Today of all days we go back to learning English.

Perfect timing!

Hi, Tim. Very useful this expression.
Dá para entender que todas as outras coisas poderiam ter dado defeito e não me prejudicariam, logo a máquina de lavar foi quem quebrou “today of all days I have a lot of clothes to wash”.
Thanks so much.

Today of all days! And your washing mashine of all things! 

Palmeiras of all teams has never ever won the Fifa World Clubs Cup.

Well… that’s debatable…

Today of all days ,that I have no money,I am starvin!

What a situation! I hope you can find food somewhere!

Now of all times my cell phone battery is dead!

At least you managed to participate here! 😀

It’s raining here. And today of all days I forgot my umbrella!

That usually happens! 😀

Today of all days I’m too lazy to study english.

But at least you left your sentence here! 😀

Saturday of all days I forget to play soccer. It is correct? 

That’s correct, Fabio!

Como eu diria ? 

Justo no dia do lançamento do meu disco ela terminou comigo 

She broke up with me the day I launched my record, of all days!

Thanks a lot Tim

Today of all days on it’s birthday she got flu.

That’s too bad. I hope she feels better to enjoy some cake and ice-cream later.

Hi Tim!
How are you ? Fine !
It’s my first time in your website , it’s very useful ! Congratulations !
Now of all days I’m going to run , but is raining.
See you soon!

Welcome to our site! You are very dedicated! 😀

Today of all days we had rain.

Did you bring an umbrella?

This year all of years i have to study a lot.

And you’re in the right place!

One doubt:
The correct is the washing machine of all things broke or brokes?

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