Inglês Todos os Dias #170: Last vs. Latest

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Inglês Todos os Dias #170: Last vs. Latest

Eu li o último livro que saiu de John Grisham, então resolvi aproveitar para lhe ensinar a dizer "último" (no sentido de "mais recente") em inglês. Dica: Não é a palavra "last"







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Have you read the latest John Grisham novel?
last book
Have you read John Grisham's lastest novel?
This was my latest adventure.
I read ________'s latest novel.
I read John Grisham's latest novel called The Testament.
This was my latest tip.





Let's practice! Complete this sentence (in the comments section below):

I read __(author)__'s latest novel called ____(name of the book)____.


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25 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #170: Last vs. Latest”

I read John Nobody’s latest novel called The Nothing. 🙂

Hmm. Was it a motivational book? Haha

this my latest comment which I ask you. Talk about ‘cut off ‘. 😀

haha You’re relentless! (in a good way! 😉 ) Almost for sure our next podcast will be about “cut off”. 🙂

Is there any sentence in particular that you are interested in?

For example; I was cut off (Caiu a ligação) and Lula had his finger cut off in an accident at work.

I did a podcast about “cut off” today! Go check it out. But I didn’t mention the first meaning yet. 😉

Donald Trump is gaining on Hilary Clinton according to latest news headlines.

You combined the last two podcasts! 😉

Before someone asks: Yes, I can use “last” in that sentence. 🙂

The latest book I read wasn’t a novel, was a documentary, maybe the next can be.  

Bye Tim, see you soon and have a great weekend..

You, too, Denilson! Thank you!

I read Eduardo Sphor’s latest novel called Paraiso Perdido.

Was it interesting?

Tim , may I say: in latest time I don’t have time to read new books,because I’m in a grate hurry doing a lot of specialization courses…. Thanks Tim!!!

Good job, Lucia! 😉

Hello, Tim

I learn in your lasted podcast about  the difference between last and lasted. 
Thank you for the nice tip! 

That’s great, Deisi! 😀

I read Yuval Noah Harari’s lastad novel called Sapiens – Uma breve história da humanidade. This is an amazing book and also very disturbing! After reading this book I changed my way to “see” the world.
I recommend!

Sounds intriguing!

I read Agatha Cristie’s latest thriller called Falls the cloth it’s interesting!

I’ve read that one, too! Want me to tell you who killed her? 🙂

Hi, Tim.
It’s a good thing that’s not your last tip, but the latest one.

Thanks, Sylvio! 😉

This isn’t your last podcast, tim.
I’m sure. 🙂

I heard the latest podcast, thank’s