Como dizer ‘levar jeito’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #298

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Como dizer ‘levar jeito’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #298

Meu amigo 'leva jeito' para investimentos,  então está pensando em entrar no ramo. Vamos conversar sobre uma maneira de dizer 'levar jeito', 'ter talento' para alguma coisa em inglês. Assista ao vídeo do Dilbert abaixo também - que tem "a manha". 😁

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You should definitly get into investing, if you think you have the knack.
get into
get into investing
knack for something.
the knack/a knack
He has the knack.
I have the/a knack for __________.
I have the/a knack of ___________.
I have a/the knack for languages.
I have a/the knack for fixing things.
He has a knack for fixing things.
I hope you have a/the knack for learning English.
You have to work hard.
harder than others
I have the/a knack for ______________.
My brother has the knack for irritating me.


Vamos praticar a expressão de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. Complete a frase:

I have a/the knack for ____________________________ . (or)

(Person) has the knack for ________________________.

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40 comments “Como dizer ‘levar jeito’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #298”

Like the guy in the video, I also have the knack for tecnology!

And what profession did you choose?

I’m a technical, I have the knack for fixing things.

That’s a great gift!

I’d like to have the knack for painting.

Me, too!

We have the knack for photographing people!! 😛

Wrong emoji! Sorry!!
I wanted to send This 😉 instead of that.

You sure do! 😀

Neymar has the nack for playing soccer but he needs to be more diligent.

Let’s hope he gets his act together for the World Cup!

He has the knack for build houses. He’s a builder.

That’s a great skill to have! Good builders are hard to come by!

Tim you are the best! I love listeningyour podcast.I have learn a lot.Thank you. You have the knack for teaching English.

Thank you, Kenia!

I have the knack for develop smartphone applications.
Excelente episódio, excelentes podcasts sempre.
Me fez rir com a historinha do Dilbert, que o doutor diagnostica que não vai ter cura 🙂

That’s an interesting skill you have, João!

When I was a child I had the knack to swim and ride barrel horses.

My son loves horses, too!

I have the knack for outside activities. I love sports.

That’s a healthy knack!

I’d like to have a knack to be a Salles man 

Money is in sales! 😀

I don’t have the knack for fixing stuff.

Neither do I. I have the knack for breaking them! 😀

I have a knack for walking through the traffic.

Be careful, though!

My Brother hás a Knack for playing the piano.

Cool! And do you play anything?

I have a Knack for computing

That’s an important knack for today in age!

People say I’ve the knack for engineering! I love to develop new stuff! 🙂

I have a knack for eating!

I have knack for take care sick people.

Well, I definitely don’t have a knack for cooking.

My brother has a knack for cooking.

I have the knack for developer my discipline.

I’m sure I have the knack for learning English, maybe cause of this, I’m studying for some years and always I see that I nees study more, rsrsrsrs.

Even people who have “the knack” , still need to study.

I have the knack for studying!

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