Mais um, mais dois, mais três… | Inglês Todos os Dias #212

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Mais um, mais dois, mais três… | Inglês Todos os Dias #212

Precisamos comprar mais dois walkie-talkies para a nossa viagem! Vou lhe explicar porque precisamos fazer isso - e também lhe ensinar a dizer "mais um, mais dois, mais três, etc." em inglês - no mini-podcast de hoje!

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We need two more walkie talkies.
I need to buy one more suitcase for the trip.
I want to see at least ten more comments there!



Let's practice in the comments section below. Say what you need one more, two more, three more, etc. of. [Diga do que você precisa de mais um, mais dois, mais três, etc.]

I need one/two/three more ____________ .

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47 comments “Mais um, mais dois, mais três… | Inglês Todos os Dias #212”

I need a little more time to study English during the week and I need one more notebook to describe the great tips… 😉

I’m sure you will find the time, Loer! Good job!

Hi Tim, how are you?

I need five more players for the soccer team.

See you next minipodcast.

How about an American “White Pelé” – me! 😀

Hi Tim.

I did not understand your answer.


Hi Tim!

I need ten more dollars to buy de ticket.

Only that?!

I need to run one more hour a day.

Great Tim, I didn’t understand your answer, can you translate, please??
How about an American “White Pelé” – me!

I am such a good player, that I was called a “Pelé Branco” in the States. That means that I play so well that they consider me a Pelé, but I am white – hence, a “Pelé Branco”! 😀

But it’s not true… 🙁

I need one more two-doors fridge. As you are going to US, could you bring it to me?!!

Sure, why not! 🙂

I need one more English tip today!

One coming up soon!

Hi Tim!
We would like to drink one more cup of coffee!

Yes, I always drink one more cup of coffee before leaving!

I need to more “vergonha na cara” to practice english.

Hey Ariana. What’s ur email? May I add you for pratice english each other ?

At least you came here and participated! That’s a good start! 😀

I need to listen to your podcasts three more times, Tim.

You can listen as many times as you want, Deyvson!

I need two more lives to understand myself.

You should have been a cat – they have 7 lives! 😀

I need to buy some more Phrasal Verbs Bundles to help me
with the learning.
We use to call walkie-talkie radiocomunicador, or just rádio.
Thanks for one more tip.

Thanks, Sylvio. Good to know!

seus comentários e dicas são muito legais

Thank you, Alfredo!

I need two more new batteries to get it to work.

Yes, that’s true! I need two more batteries, too!

I’m trying to learn german, I need one more person who speaks german better than me. anyone else?

Sorry, I can’t help you there. My Mom speaks German, though.

I will going to buy ten more lamps.
I want to drink one more beer.
Just one more time, maybe tomorrow.

Good job, Anderson!

I need one more day to study for exam

Do you have one more day to study?

I need to buy one more pen.

Pens are always useful!

Hi Tim, want to see hundred more post here, your awesome!

Thank you, Sergio! You’re awesome, too!

I need one more coat.

Are you going to travel to a cold location?

Hi Tim ! I can to save eighty thousands dollars more this year, and use it to invest on familiar business ! Have everybody a excellent night and week ! That´s sure ?

That sounds like a great plan!

I need one more bicycle

For a friend or for yourself?

I need at least two more cups of coffee

Same here, Mateus!

I need two more hours in my day for to do everyhing i need.

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