Me disseram… | Diferença entre say, tell, speak and talk – parte 4 | Inglês Todos os Dias #207

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Me disseram… | Diferença entre say, tell, speak and talk – parte 4 | Inglês Todos os Dias #207

Disseram para eu gravar um podcast hoje, então gravei! Eu vou lhe ensinar a dizer 'me disseram', 'disseram para eu' em inglês!  🙂

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I was told I could buy a ticket here.
say / tell / speak / talk
I was told...
tell - told
I told you to study.
I was told to wait here.
I'm going to tell you...
You were told to write a sentence on our site.
I was told to write a sentence.

Clique AQUI.                 Clique AQUI.


Let's use this structure in the comments section below. Complete the sentence:

I was told ____________________ .

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44 comments “Me disseram… | Diferença entre say, tell, speak and talk – parte 4 | Inglês Todos os Dias #207”

I was told to not give up, ’cause one day I reach my fluency.
Although I feel parked on the intermediate English plateau, I’ll never say uncle.

You’ll surely get there, Loer!

She was told she needs to work hard to get her goals.


I was told that I’m fat!!

That wasn’t nice!

I was told to study more!

Good advice!

Das hört sich ja super lecker an, nur schade das ich keine Stenlpiize mehr finde.Aber merke ich mir fürs nächste Jahr.Werde dann berichten.

I was told I can learn english here

That’s right! 😀

I was told that traffic is very bad today. I don’t know because I came here by train…

Lucky you!

** I was told to go to the movies watch LOGAN **

Did you go?

I was told to learn English was easy, but I don’t believe this!

It’s not easy, but it’s fun! 😀

I was  told to pay more attention in class.

Good advice!

I was told that is one of the best website to learn English currently.

Wow! Who told you that?

I was told to write a sentence here

Yes, you were! Good job! 🙂


Good advice!

My podcast are with update trouble,I was told that the american are fun!

I hope you get it fixed soon!

I was told that learn English could be easy.

Anything is “easy” if you enjoy it!

I was told i should to play basket

Are you tall, Erick?

I was told I can study English here

You were told correctly! Glad to see you here!

i was told to study more english.

Great advice!

Why? Is it a good place?

I was told North Americans eat bacon every morning 

Well, not exactly every morning; but sometimes on the weekend, and on special occasions. We do usually eat cereal and/or toast, though.

I was told I should listen English musics to learn faster this language.

It helps!

I found another situation to use this framework “be told”:
My cousin has a cat. His name is Toby. He doesn’t like to be told what to do, he prefers to live his life on his own terms…
Is This adequate, Tim?

The grammar…

I was told I could call to hotel for request a shuttle for 3 passenger

I was told to learn english here.

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