Memorial Day in the U.S.A.

Memorial Day in the U.S.A.

What is Memorial Day in the United States?  How do Americans celebrate this national holiday? What are the traditions? Find out the answer to these questions in the article below.

O que é Memorial Day nos Estados Unidos? Como os norte-americanos celebram este feriado nacional? Quais são as tradições? Descubra a resposta destas perguntas no artigo abaixo.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States. It is observed on the last Monday of May.  It is a day to remember and honor soldiers who gave their lives while in military service to their country.

  • honor = honrar

Memorial Day is also the day that marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season.
Most schools close for summer vacation before or shortly after Memorial Day.

  • shortly after = pouco tempo depois

Here are some common activities that take place during Memorial Day in the U.S. Fill in the blanks:

  • take place = ocorrer (atividade)
  • fill in = preencher
  • blanks = lacunas

1. People visit ______________ to put flowers and wreaths on the graves of soldiers.

  • wreath = girlanda
  • grave = túmulo

2. Volunteers usually place an ___________ ________ upon the grave site of every war veteran in National Cemeteries.

  • place = colocar

3. Some cities have a Memorial Day __________.

4. There are special ___________ at local cemeteries. (Every year, our grandfather, who was a Chaplain and Colonel in the Air Force, was invited to give a speech at the cemetery in Williamsport, PA.)

  • service = cerimônia religiosa, culto
  • chaplain = capelão
  • colonel = coronel
  • invite = convidar
  • speech = palestra

5. It is a tradition to fly the U.S. flag at half-staff from dawn until noon.

  • fly = deixar flamegar
  • half-staff = meio-mastro
  • dawn = aurora, amanhecer
  • noon = meio-dia

6. Familes have __________ , barbecues, or family gatherings.

  • gathering = reunião, encontro

7. The __________  ________ car race has been held over the Memorial Day weekend since 1911.

  • hold / held / held = realizar
  • race = corrida


Answers: 1. cemeteries; 2. American flag; 3. Parade; 4. services; 5. half-staff; 6. picnics; 7. Indianapolis 500
A special thank to all who have fought - and died - for our freedom around the world!

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10 comments “Memorial Day in the U.S.A.”

I do apreciate these cellebrations Americans use to do to remember and honor their heroes ! Brazilians are not like that …

Thanks, Laura! Thankfully, Brazil hasn’t been in too many wars during the years. I do know that Brazil lost a number of soldiers during World War II, though.

I just loved these exercises and explanations about this important day In the US. Thanks for the post!!!

Thank you for stopping by and telling us what you thought of the article, Andressa! I’m so glad you liked it!

hi, everyone. Just for the record, but during our September 7th holiday, brazilian people also celebrate and honor our veterans who died at war. We have parade with old veterans still alive, aka “pracinhas”. And at “Aterro do Flamengo”, in Rio de Janeiro, we have a big Memorial to the dead soldiers and the “Túmulo ao Soldado Desconhecido” (Unknown Soldier Gravestone). People use to put some wreath on it as well. It’s a special moment for brazilians when the veterans (“pracinhas”) come to parade with their best bib and tucker piece of suit and their olive green beret!! Hugs.

Thank you for telling/reminding us of that, Helio! It’s important to honor those who have fought for our freedom. I am glad Brazil celebrates these heroes.

Dear Tim, I think you meant “thought” instead of “though” as you referred to Andressa’s comment. Ain’t that?

You’re right! I already corrected it there. Thank you for your help!

Dear Tim, thanks for remind us. Living here in US, I am becoming familiar with the traditions, we have already put the flag in the front of the house.

That’s great, Maria! Happy Memorial Day! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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