Inglês Natural #01: Fiz mesmo! | Inglês Todos os Dias #346

Inglês Natural #01: Fiz mesmo! | Inglês Todos os Dias #346

Começando o ano, vamos aprender alguma palavras e frases para deixar o nosso inglês mais "natural" e "fluente", começando com um uso específico da palavra actually para se dizer "mesmo" em inglês.

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Tradução do título do podcast de hoje: I actually did it!
Happy New Year!
I actually bought a cockatiel for Christmas.
Slowly but surely.
Little and often.
discourse markers
currently, right now, at the moment, nowadays
I actually bought a cockatiel for Christmas.
St. Nicholas
I actually bought another cockatiel.
I actually graduated.
I actually learned to roller skate last year.
I actually liked it.
I actually like to study English with Inglês Todos os Dias. Surprising!
Did you actually see him?
I can't believe you are actually getting married.
Are you actually going to jump?
I actually like you.
I like you, actually.
I actually knew that.
I actually traveled to Hong Kong last year.
I actually finished my English course.
I actually read all the comments there.
Have a great 2019! Happy New Year! And let's continue studying!


Let's practice today's "discourse marker" in the comments section below.

Complete this sentence:

I actually ____________________ last year!

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53 comments “Inglês Natural #01: Fiz mesmo! | Inglês Todos os Dias #346”

Hello Tim, good to hear you back, I actually hope this year improve my English and find a new job.

Great plans, Denilson! Glad to see you back here!! Happy New Year!

I actually ate all kind of snacks in the last parties.

It’s OK at a party, but now back to our diets! 😀

Hello Tim, Happy New for you too. Well, I actually used that word in both written and personal conversations over the last year. 

Good for you, Cleon! Congratulations! And a Happy New Year to you, too!

I actually make a good cake.

I’d like to try in one day! 😀

Happy New Year
God bless you and your family 
I actually visited Disney World over New Year’s.
It was amazing and Magic Time for me and Joe

Wow! What a fantastic New Year celebration!

I actually came to Australia for study English last year. I’m actually content to living here. It actually was an amazing idea.

Cool, Jezrael! Enjoy your time there!

Well, I’m new here, and I actually liked your podcast. I’m looking forward to keep listening to it.

Welcome, Beerson! So glad you are enjoying the podcats!

I actually survived the Chicago cold for 30 days during my January vacation last year!

It’s cold and windy; isn’t it?! I’m glad you survived the winter there! 😀

I am actually living with my natural hair! 🙂

That’s rare for women nowadays. 😀

I am actually living in Orlando this year. 

That’s cool! I hope you are getting to practice your English a lot there, too!

Hey, Tim I,m so glad to listen your podcast! God bless you and all you family!  I actually read in English Language on the last year. (90 minutes on Heaven by Don Piper) After I watch the movie on Netflix. All the time I found a word or frase, that I had seen it on your Podcast I remembered you this is craze, isn´t it?

I have watched another movie (the heaven is for real) if I,m not wrong on the cast had someone with your second name (Barret) do you have someone in your family on hollywood? LOL
I hope the gramma is correct! 

Hello, André! That’s great that you are reading in English! And watching those movies! That’s the way to improve your vocabulary! And I am glad our podcasts are helping you, too! I don’t know of any relative in Hollywood – maybe a distant cousin? 😀

Hello Tim, good evening.
I actually liked the course COMO FALAR INGLÊS COMO UM NATIVO EM 21 DIAS. David is an amazing teacher like you’re. Both of you are fantastic as a teachers. congratulations!!! Keep doing this incredible work. Thanks for all. See you!

Thank you, Alexandre! And we actually enjoy listening to the students participation and giving our feedback! Great job!!

I actually traveled to San Francisco. I actually loved it.

Sounds like you had a great time! I’ve actually never been out West!

I actually study english everyday

Congratulations, Andrigo! And let’s continue this year!

I actually liked yours podcast. It is helping me a lot to improve my english. Thank you.

It’s great to hear that, Anderson! Thank you for participating!

Hi Tim,
I would like to say that l actually celebrate Christmas in may new house last year.

That’s wonderful! Congratulations, Graziela!

Hi Tim. I’m actually trying to improve my english. Hope your podcast can help me out! I love it. See you

That’s a great goal! I actually think you will improve a lot! 😀 You’re already doing great! 😉

Hi, Happy New Year Tim ! I actually survived the holiday feasts and now I need to start my weight loss regimen.

Same here, Nelson! 😀

I actually study russian somedays.

Wow! That’s a hard language!

People actually is going to regret his vote past year.

I actually bought a car last year 

Hello Tim, Happy New Year to you too! I actually graduated in law school last year.

I actually falling in love last year

Last year, I actually drove from Brasília to Santa Catarina (1600 km)!

I actually made a decision to study spanish this year.

i actually learned cook last year

I actually started my studies English

What is difference between actually and really?

I actually need improve my English this year 

Hello Tim, I actually like listen your podcasts. Thanks!

That’s great, Fabio! Thanks. 🙂

I actually walked the Camino de Santiago last November. It was actually an amazing experience.

I have a student who walked there, too. Maybe you crossed paths and didn’t even know. 🙂

I actually ran three times a week last year!

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