Montando um quebra-cabeça | Inglês Todos os Dias #206

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Montando um quebra-cabeça | Inglês Todos os Dias #206

Vou aproveitar que meus filhos estão montando um quebra-cabeças para lhe ensinar a dizer montar um quebra-cabeça em inglês.

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My kids are putting together a 1000-piece puzzle of the Civil War.
Do you like to put puzzles together?
jigsaw puzzle
put together
put a puzzle together
put together a puzzle
I'm putting it together.
My kids are putting a 1000-peice puzzle together.
red cars
Are you putting together a puzzle?
Have you ... ? (See Present Perfect course here.)
I have put together a 1000-piece puzzle of ...
We put together a 100-piece puzzle of a circus.


Clique AQUI.                 Clique AQUI.


Complete one of these sentences in the comments section below.

I've put together a ________-piece jigsaw puzzle of ___________ .

I am putting together a ________-piece jigsaw puzzle of ___________ .

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25 comments “Montando um quebra-cabeça | Inglês Todos os Dias #206”

My wife and I have put together 8000-piece puzzle of Animals in savage for 7 years and unfortunately, we didn’t get around to putting together completly yet…:-(

Wow! 8000 pieces! That must be hard!

Yeah, almost impossible. Anyway, we must get it through… 😉

Many years ago I put together a small jigsaw puzzle of landscape.

I am putting together a 500-piece puzzle of world map.

Nice! I like 500-piece puzzles, too.

I have put together one thousand piece puzzle of “Fire Horse”.

A “fire horse”? That’s different!

Hello Tim.

I never assembled a jigsaw puzzle with more than 100 pieces.

Is this sentence correct?

Have a nice day.

Sure, you can say it that way, too. “Put together” is more informal.

I will put together 500 piece puzzle about Wisconsin the dairy state.

Have you visited Wisconsin?

Yes, I visited Wisconsin in the Christmas and New Year.
My fiancé is from Wisconsin 
It was very cold negative 19C.

I hate put a puzzle together,If I don’t hear your podcast i write “break head”.thank you tim by their podcast!

“Break head”! hehehe That’s a good one! 😀

I don’t have patience (or time!) to put jigsaw puzzles together.

What’s interesting is that we have a puzzle case, so we can put it away and take it out whenever we want, or take it wherever we want. That way you don’t have to finish it right away.

I have put together a jigsaw puzzle with my daughter of Cinderela. But I don’t have patience for it.

It’s something you have to do a little at a time, as a way to relax.

I’ve put together a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle of cartoons.

Sounds fun!

I’ve put a 1000 piece-puzzle together of Japanese landscape.

Did it have Mount Fuji in it?

i’m putting it together a puzzle?

It’s the correct sentence?

Say it like this, Yago:

I’m putting a puzzle together.
I’m putting together a puzzle.

Hi Tim ! I put together a 380-piece industrial eletric-eletronic painel a few time ago, and I and my family put together a 800-piece Amazonic Florest jigsaw puzzle last year. Have everybody a beautyful day !

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