Inglês Todos os Dias #94: ‘Montar uma árvore de Natal’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #94: ‘Montar uma árvore de Natal’ em inglês

My family loves Christmas! And last week, my kids ____  _____ [montaram] our Christmas tree. Let's talk about that in our mini-podcast today.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Do you put up a Christmas tree?
Christmas is coming!
Do you like this holiday?
put up
Do you put up a nativity scene/manger scene?
Do you put up Christmas lights?
What decorations do you put up?
We put up the Christmas tree...
put (present) - put (past) - put (past participle)
We put up a tree (every year).
We put up the tree (last week).
My kids (they) put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving.


Do you put up a Christmas tree? If so, when do you put up the tree?
I'm going to post a picture of our Christmas tree.
Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

christmas boxPhrasal_Verbs_with_P_Rudolph_Box

Christmas Carols and Traditions, Click HERE.

A Visit to Rudolph in the North Pole!Click HERE.



How about you? Do you put up a Christmas tree? If so, when do you put it up?

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30 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #94: ‘Montar uma árvore de Natal’ em inglês”

My cats going nuts with Christmas tree, so to avoid any conflit between humans and cats, I decided not put up a tree this year.

Yes, cats and Christmas trees don’t get along so well. 🙂

My kids and I put up our Christmas tree yesterday. May the true spirit of Christmas be with you and your family, always! Thanks for your wonderful podcasts, Tim!

Thank you, Karla! I am sure your kids had a great time putting up the tree with you!

Hi dear teacher Tim!
If I was home, certainly we already put up the tree and manger scene too!!! But here I only have seen the Christmas lights. So beautiful!!! Perhaps, today we are in Gettysburg, we can feel the climate.

I am sure it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas there! I’m jealous! 🙂

I don’t put up a Christmas tree anymore. Now, I use just to put up a manger scene.
Very nice your Christmas tree!!! Happy holidays!!!!

Thank you, Celia. Why did you stop putting up a Christmas tree?

This year I won’t put up a Christmas tree in my house. However, I am going to spend the Christmas time with my mother and the whole family in her house.

Sounds like a great plan!

In the past my family put up a tree. Today, I don’t put up a Christmas tree because it’s irrelevant for me, Jesus is the true story. Happy holidays!

I agree with you, Rodrigo, about Jesus being the reason for Christmas. Our family just puts up a tree because it is a tradition with no special meaning except that it is very beautiful. Every year we buy at least one new ornament to add to the tree. This year we hung a few ornaments that we bought during our trip to New York City and Philadelphia.

Hi Jim,

We have already put up our Christmas tree. Thank you so much. Congratulations you are always doing a very good job.
Merry Christmas!

Thank you, Nilo! I am sure it looks very beautiful! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Very good  🙂

Thank you, Marcelo! Merry Christmas!

I put up my Christmas tree on December 05 when it is the birthday of my son

Very beautiful your Christmas tree
i put up a litlle one, because i don’t like (árvore artificial).

By the way, may a ask a question?
Why do we say
Merry Christmas  and
Happy New Year? Could I say Merry New Year? Or Happy Christmas ?
Thanks, Tim

Happy Holidays, for you all. I’m sure you all will be able to put up beautiful Christmas tree. I great dream is to put up a little Christmas tree into the heart of everybody world wide. I think every Christmas tree must be put up with great symbol of the Peace.

You remind me of Charlie Brown. 🙂 Have you ever seen the movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?

Evey year my wife puts up Christmas tree, nativity scene and lights. I juts put the color lights on the windows, so you can see from the street. It is amazing.

Sounds beautiful!

My family put up Christmas tree and manger scene in the beginning of the December. Our tree have many lights and colors. 

Sounds like a beautiful tree!

Unfortunately, my family doesn’t use to put up christmas trees. But, anyway, have a good holiday everyone!

You can always start the tradition! 🙂

This year I put up christmas tree 13th november

Wow! You put up the tree quite early this year!

Hi Tim…
I don’t put up a Christmas tree, because a use only decorations in my house.

Decorations are nice, too! 🙂

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