‘Não adianta chorar…’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #251

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‘Não adianta chorar…’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #251

Vamos aprender a dizer 'Não adianta chorar...' em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje. E preste bem atenção ao anúncio de um bônus especial, senão depois "não adianta chorar"! 😀

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It’s no use crying over spilled milk.
I am
You are
He is
She is
It is
It’s no use…
It’s no use crying over spilled milk.
It’s no use asking…
It’s no use begging…
It’s no use fighting…




Let's practice in the comments section below. Complete the sentence:

It's no use __________________________ .

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49 comments “‘Não adianta chorar…’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #251”

It’s no use searching another website, this is the most complete and useful one.

Thank you, Julio!

Hi Tim!

Well, it’s no used crying over spilled milk, if you didn’t study hard enough English, in order to get a better job. It’s what it is.
See you around

See you around,

Yes. Just make an effort to keep on learning now!

Its no use doing this now!

Don’t get discouraged! Try again! 😀

It’s no use screaming!


It’s no use crying over spilled ice cream! This is for my nephew. kkkk

He must like ice-cream! 😀

It’s no use crying for the title lost

Are you Corinthiana? 😀

Yes, I´m corinthiano!!!

It’s no use crying I will not give you Acai.


It’s no use looking for me, because I’m not at home today.

Enjoy your time away!

It’s no use wailing if you didn’t study.

That’s true.

It is no use crying, be cool… because the course ” Ingles para Viagens ” it is coming !
It is no use looking for us, because we will rest this weekend on the Beautiful Beach, and drinking coconut´s water a lot !.

It’s here!

It’s no use trying to save money if you continue spending a lot shopping.

That’s true!

It´s not use complaining for bad English if you haven’t studied a lot.

Very true!

It’s no use speaking but it’s necessary to do.

Sometimes it helps.

I’m so sorry…It´s no use begging me, I don´t love you.


It’s no use smiling, I’m not going to buy house

Why not? 🙁

It´s no use kicking the ball, the game is over!

Are you a Corinthiano? 😀

It’s no use asking money borrow, I was fired,  it’s a joke, just an exemple, have a nice day.

Phew! Glad it isn’t true! 😀

It’s no use wanting thing , If you no effort yourself

Yes, you have to work for your dreams!

It’s no use wanting learn fast if you don’t catch the tips! 😉

It’s no use asking I don’t know the answer.

It´s no use crying because you´re responsible for your choices.

It’s no use to study late for the exam!

It’s no use crying if Us missed out big opportunities in our lifes, like this product ”English for Travel”

It’s no use delivering your project after the deadline, I will not accept it! 

It’s no use crying over the morning when the night is coming.

Can you tell us how speaking “pisar em ovos” in English?

It’s no use remaining on wrong thougts and wrong atitudes

It’s no use crying about result game.

It’s no use arriving later because the teacher does not allow to do the exam.

it’s no use speaking 

It’s no use crying about you lose your work.

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