O que significa a expressão ‘hang a left/right’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #295

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O que significa a expressão ‘hang a left/right’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #295

Quando você vir para a minha casa, hang a left na Rua Itirapina.

Ouça um pequeno diálogo de um seriado e aprenda a expressão 'hang a left' no mini-podcast de hoje.

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- Did they go all the way down to Arctic Avenue?

- Yeah, if you hit Arctic, you went too far. No, turn back. Yeah, you're gonna hang a left on Ashley Street. All right, I'll see you in a bit.


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Vamos praticar a expressão de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. Complete a frase:

When you come to my house, hang a left/right on ___________ Street.

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22 comments “O que significa a expressão ‘hang a left/right’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #295”

Hey Tim, to get to my house, go down Racticlif avenue and hang a right and then hang a left on Orlando Matielo street.

Great! Thanks! Put the meat on the grill! 😀

You are almost here! Now you’re gonna hang  a right at Avenida das Américas and in a bit you’ll meet me and my family.

Very good, Lucy! You used more than one expression we learned today! 😀

Hi Tim! I didn’t know such expression. I know: Turn on the left.

So, from now on I’ll say: Hang a left.
Unfortunately I don’t eat barbecue however, you can pop up to my place and eat a tasty vegetarian food.I live in 28 Hill Park Lane street. You can find my place going ahead the Kings Avenue and then hang a left.

Thks for the tip,
See you around

Hello, Vera! You can still say: TURN LEFT. “HANG A LEFT” is just another expression to say the same thing. You can also say “TAKE A LEFT”.

In Brazil, If you are driving and have to go back, you must hang a right.

That’s true. In the States, we usually stop in the middle, and then turn.

You went too far, but you will arrive if you come back and then gonna hang a left, a right and finally a left again, ok?

OK! I’ll be there soon! 😀

Hi Tim, to get to my house, go up Frederic Ozanan avenue and hang a right on Caetano Gornatti avenue.

When you come to my house, hang a right on Something Street, so go ahead on My Street.

hang a right before come to my home, if so you’re gonna go on wrong street.

Hi Tim ! I know it has nothing to do with the homework but I’d like to share a sentence that I came acros on the internet: Check out what it looks like to ride shotgun during a police chase. I think It’s completely related to what you said on podcast ! Keep up the good work !

Hi Tim!
Quero te dar uma dica de português: ao invés de dizer “Quando você vir para a minha casa” diga “Quando você VIER para a minha casa”. Abraços,

Hi, to get on my house, go straight on principal avenue and hang right baltar street, after two blocks hang left José Cardoso street, looking for 54th number, here you are in my house.

When you wanted arrive in My place take street N4 you pass italine.after hang left avenue sunshine goint on  before to arrive shop locksmith hang right when you see  house 283

Hang a right on Ernesto Dorneles street.

I was watching a movie the other day, and there was this girl who was giving directions to a guy and she said “make a left/right”.

Tim, hang a left on Petronio Portela avenue!

Hey Tom,
To get on my house, go straight to the end of street and so hang a right. There will be two dogs barking at you.

Hey my man. When you come to my house, hang a left/right on Alfredo Nora Street. I’m waiting for you!

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