Inglês Todos os Dias #61: O que significa o phrasal verb ‘banged up’

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Inglês Todos os Dias #61: O que significa o phrasal verb ‘banged up’

Ouça um pedaço do episódo "The Last Ship", e aprenda o significado do phrasal verb 'banged up'.

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

- Where's Dr. Scott?!
- She's banged up pretty good.
- Doc's looking at her in Hangar Two.

Wow! Our car got banged up!

Why is your car so banged up?

My knee is bunged up.

Yesterday I banged up my car.

I fell from my bike, and now I'm all banged up.

The boys are still banged up from their fight.

Man, you are so banged up!

DOMINE Phrasal Verbs com a Letra B:



Vamos praticar! Escreva uma frase com o phrasal verb 'banged up' no setor dos comentários abaixo.

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31 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #61: O que significa o phrasal verb ‘banged up’”

Hey Tim, take a look in sixth example. I think there is something wrong there. And of course, as usual your tip was so good. Thanks.

Thank you, Jua! I just corrected it.

Tom banged up my heart.

That’s too bad, Carla. I hope you get over him soon! 🙂

Acho que você pode usar o “banged up” desse jeito, se quiser, mas deixe-me só acrescentar que o “bang up” dá a ideia de alguma coisa meio “estraçalhada”, “sangrando”, “quebrado”, etc. (Faça uma busca no google imagens com as palavras “banged up” para você ter uma ideia.)

My ear is banged up because of high dogs barking on my street!

Wow! Those dogs must be pretty loud! 🙂

Deixe-me só acrescentar, como expliquei para a Carla também, que quando você diz que os seus “ears are banged up”, dá mais a idea de que você os machucou no sentido de alguém bater neles ou algo assim (Lembre-se que o “bang” sozinho significa “bater, golpear, dar pancadas”.)

My car got banged up pretty good, because of that accident I got involved, fortunately nobody got hurt.

It that true, Anderson? If so, I’m so glad no one got hurt!

One day, at the gym, I banged up my shoulders, but I’m good now.

Have a nice weekend!
See you!

Gotta be careful at the gym! 🙂

Someone banged up my car and I don´t know who was.

That’s too bad, Rosane! I wish you could find out who did it and make him/her pay!

The dog bite my ankle  and now I am banged up.

That’s terrible! Hope you get well soon.

My left knee has been banged up since last year because a Police Motocycle Course that I took.

What happened? Did you fall off your motorcycle?

I think persons who fight MT must be banged up after a while

I am sure they are! 🙂

My brother fell bike and got banged up.

Sorry to hear that, Sandra! I hope he gets well soon.

My brother drank a lot yesterday. So, he dropped on the chair and he banged up his nose. 

Ouch! I bet that hurt!

Tim, Tell me, your nephew Benjamin banged up his arm because he fell down?

Yes, he fell off a sliding board; but, thankfully, his arm is totally healed now.

I banged up my right foot two weeks ago playing football, but thankfully, my foot is totally healed now.

Glad to hear your leg is better now, João Pedro!

Yesterday my brother banged up his car 🙁

Are you serious? I hope your brother is OK!

my shoulder is banged up because i`m a butterfly swimmer. :/

I think you overdid it with the exercises!

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