Um disco de madeira com as palavras TUIT [Phrasal Verb: Get Around To It]

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Um disco de madeira com as palavras TUIT [Phrasal Verb: Get Around To It]

Eu estava ouvindo uma gravação na qual o educador Brian Tracy ensinava como "overcome procrastination" [vencer procrastinação]. Na introdução da lição, ele usou um ditado importante: "The road to failure is paved with good intentions." [A estrada do fracasso é pavimentado com boas intenções.] Durante a lição, ele contou a seguinte história:



I was at the annual convention of a very successful national organization not long ago where they handed out small round wooden disks with the words "TUIT?" printed on the surface. They called these little disks "Round TUITS". And they are handed out generously to people who are going to do something as soon as they get around to it. Once they had been given one of these round "TUIT"s they no longer have any excuses - or so the theory goes.
  • not long ago = não muito tempo atrás
  • handed out (phrasal verb) = distribuíram

Phrasal Verbs with the Letters H and I
Phrasal Verb that begins with the letters H and I

  • round wooden disks = discos redondos de madeira
  • printed on the surface = impresso na superfície
  • as soon as = assim que
  • get around to it = [ver dica de hoje]
  • once = uma vez que
  • had been given = haviam recebido
  • no longer have any excuses = não tem mais desculpas
  • so the theory goes = ou assim diz a teoria

PERGUNTA: Por que esses executivos receberam um disco de madeira com as palavras "TUIT" impressas nela?

RESPOSTA: As palavras "get a round TUIT" (receber um "tuit" redondo) tem o mesmo som que o phrasal verb "get around to it".

Em inglês, quando voce faz algo (ou não faz algo) que você pretendia fazer há muito tempo, e que não conseguia fazer por falta de tempo, usa-se o phrasal verb...

get around to

I didn't get around to it yet.

Não deu para fazer ainda.

I'll do it whenever I get around to it.
Farei isso assim que tiver um tempinho/assim que der.
I finally got around to answering all my e-mail messages.
Finalmente consegui/separei um tempo para responder todos os meus e-mails.
I never got around to writing my new book last year.
Nunca consegui (Não deu para) escrever o meu novo livro no ano passado.

1. Trata-se de um Phrasal Verb de 3 palavras. (Se você usar só "get around" sem o "to", passará outra ideia completamente.)
2. Depois do pronome "to", usa-se um gerúndio (-ing) ou o pronome "it".


What will you do if you ever get around to it this year? What didn't you get around to doing last year? [O que você fará - se for possível/se conseguir/se "der" - este ano? O que você não conseguiu fazer o ano passado porque não "deu"?]

Please write about it below? NOW! (Not when you "get around to it"!). 🙂

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29 comments “Um disco de madeira com as palavras TUIT [Phrasal Verb: Get Around To It]”

“What will you do if you ever get around to it this year?”
This year I will get around to buying my first apartment.
“What didn’t you get around to doing last year?”
I didn’t get around to going to the gym last year.

I hope you can truly accomplish these goals this year, Sandra! Thank you for participating!

I didn’t get around to approving my Deutsch exam last year.

Thank you for your comment, Vera! I hope you find the time to work on the exam this year.

Hello Tim, this year I wish I can go to the USA. So,  I will get around to traveling abroad in the end of this year. That’s it?maybe I’ve commited some mistakes using the phrasal verb….let me know. Thanks

Don’ worry, you used the phrasal verb correctly. Just remember that “get around to” means to “find the time/occasion to do something”, especially when there are obstacles and you don’t have time to do it. I hope you can make the time to pursue your dream of traveling this year! Thank you for your comment”

I will get around to losing a lot of weight this year! I swear and I’ll not swear off!! 🙂

You and I started well – with only 250ml of Açaí! Now that’s what I call discipline! 🙂

This year I would like to improve my enlgish! I can understand a lot of things, but I have problems to formulate a sentence most of time. So, because of this I would like to improve my english. This is my goal. 
Last year, couldn’t improve my english because I was very busy with the university and work, but this year I want to change everything or a big part of my life. 
Besides that, I want to have a sustainable life, start the gym, eat good things, this stuff… I hope get it. 🙂 

Hey, Laris! I truly wish you all the best with your plans for this year! I hope we can help you reach your goals for improving your English every day! Thank you so much for your comment!

Hy Timm nice to hear from you again!!! I realy missed you!!! Welcome back!!!!

Thank you so much, Aparecida! So glad to see you here, too!

Hey! This year I’ll finally get around to preparing my scientific paper for submission… Thanks

Great to hear that, Fernando! Good luck with the project! I hope you truly get it done this year!

I was thinking of you guys these days and I wanted to write you a letter, but I never got around to it. 
Don’t be such a stranger, we all miss you a lot!!

Take good care and go Palmeiras!! :-))

Aww, shucks! It feels great to be missed! 🙂 So glad to see you here, too, Anderson! Thank you so much for the kind words!

Hello, Tim ! I hope you´ve started out  2015 really well. I´m sure all of us missed you too, while your short (????) hiatus, but of course you deserved it. Thanks a lot for the round TUIT. I loved its theory and now that I got it from you I´ll try not  to procrastinate about doing whatever I have or want to do. I never got around having  dancing classes last year. I´ll go out right away to find a nice dancing club to enroll myself. Take care and enjoy life.God bless you!!!!

Good for you, Alzira! Go get ’em! That’s the way to go! If you wait, you’ll never do it! Thank you for your nice comments!

This year I have to get around to getting classes abroad, I´m always putting off this not because I don´t want but because i don´t get around to it.

Thanks for the tip.

So today is the day to start working on this project – not when you “get around to it”! 😉 Thank you for commenting, Gabriela!

I didn’t get around to packing my things before moving out last month. It was awful. Now, I’m trying to get around to finding a new place to live, because I’m still working and exhausted! 🙂

Sounds like your very busy, Particia. Hope you find the time to do the move soon. 🙂 Thank you for participating here.

Last year i didn´t get around to do exercises. I will get around to work out at gymn this year.
Nice article! Have a nice day.

Thanks, Marcos! I hope you manage to find the time to exercise this year!

This year, I will get around to studying hard to take the OAB examination. Last year I did well in other exam that I took in order to apply to International Relations school. Now I’ll have to learn french and german. BTW, your English tips is just awesome!  

yes, just in time!
I will get around to improving my english language, because I didn’t get around to it so far.

It’s never too late to re-start, Sara! 🙂 Thank you for participating here!

I am here. Start now. Good luck for me. I love your podcasts, Tim! Congratulition

Welcome aboard, Luiza! So glad to have you here with us!

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