O que significa o phrasal verb ‘work out’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #262

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O que significa o phrasal verb ‘work out’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #262

Cuidado! O phrasal verb 'work out' não significa 'trabalhar fora'. Vamos conversar sobre o significado do phrasal verb 'work out' no mini-podcast de hoje, e vou lhe contar quando eu 'work out', e o que faço depois do 'workout'.

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Is it OK for your heart to have an intense workout as soon as you get up?
I work out in/at the gym three times a week.
work outside the house/home
I usually work out in the morning before breakfast.
When do you work out?
Where do you work out?
I work out in/at the gym/at home in the morning/afternoon.
What do you do after your workout?
I have breakfast after my workout.
Now I'm going to have my workout.





Answer these questions in the comments section below:

When do you work out? Where do you work out? What do you do after your workout?

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37 comments “O que significa o phrasal verb ‘work out’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #262”

I work out on Saturdays morning. Outside my home. I have a breakfast

Do you have breakfast outside or work out?

I usually repeat your routine, as you said, I work out in the morning (06:00 am) at a gym next to my house (about 1 Km). So, in order to not waste time, I run this distance in 5 minutes.

Do you have breakfast after your workout?

I work out 4 times a week in Full Time and after my workout I go to the house!

Is Full Time a gym?

I work out everyday in the street walking to my job. Then, I sit down.

How far is it from your house?

I just can’t work out whithout eating something first!

I know what you mean. Eating gives you some energy. On the other hand, it’s a little hard to exercise with a full stomach.

I work out every weekday (Actually I try to work out every weekday) at the gym and at the club. After working out I usually grab a bite and take a shower. Tim, thanks again for your great job. A few years ago I was in the elevator (lift?) with my wife and two british girls got into it. In order to break the ice I started talking about the weather to them. It was a cloudy day in Rio and I tried to say “O sol vai aparecer”. I started saying “The sun will….”, then aI thought a little bit, thought about “The sun will appear”, but I knew it wasn’t the common way of saying that. At that moment, one of the girls completed my sentence saying “come up” or “come out”, I don’t remember exactly. Which of these options would be better asking? Could I had said “The sun will show up” as well? Thank you, Tim. Have a great day!

Hello, Guilherme. It depends. If it were early morning, then I would say “come up”. If it were cloudy, then I would use “come out”. 

I work out twice a week.
See you around Tim,

That’s good. 

When do you work out? Where do you work out? What do you do after your workout?

🙂 b

After my suicide attempt I think I will never have more forces to hard workout. Maybe I only will can do trekking, or even other kind of soft workout.

Some kind of exercise is good for your overall health. 

I workout twice a week. I do pilates. Maybe I walk (on/in) the beach!

Sounds like a good plan!


I workout at the gym after i went out my job!

Tim I have a question!
Some podcast ago I remember that you taught us about the expression “work out” with the meaning “dar certo”. I a little confuse with use. is it depends of context?

So When I have to use “Work out” with the meaning “dar certo” and with the meaning exercitar?

Thank you
See you soon

Very good, Andrigo! You remember that last tip with “work out”. Yes, you are right. It depends on the context!

I haven’t a routine for my workout. Sometimes I swim near home and I walk to my job. After working out I work outside my house.

Sounds like you like to keep busy!

Hi Tim ! As a matter of fact, it’s been a while since I worked out for last time but when I used to work out, it was always at the gym or at the beach and I used to eat a lot after working out ! Hey Tim…I always have no ideia when I come across with a sentence like that: I take someone for granted. Would u explained that for me please ? I think would be a great expression to be explained by your podcast ! Keep up the good work !

Sure, Gil. Good idea. I’ll teach this expression next episode.

Hi, Dear Tim,

How are you?

This is my first time on your Blog. I have to come here because you always recommend it and I love your work, which has taught a lot for me. I don´t usually write in English, sorry for my mistakes.

About your question, where and when do I work out? (can I speak like this?)

I work out almost every day. I practice several gym modalities such as Body Combat, Body Atack, Zumba, RPM and others. The most of them are Les Mills System. It is good for me because they are fun. Moreover, I live in a cold place, I need to guarantee I have gym all year, independently on the weather. I have this daily routine since February and this is quite important for me. Because of this, I lost 13kg and I am always in a good mood and never quick and sick. I advise exercises for everybody. Exercises are very important for health even a little bit, but if they are light or hard for you, who have to say is your doctor.

I´d love to have your corrections!

Bye Bye!

Hey, Gui! You did a great job writing! Congratulations! And thank you for participating here! There are no big corrections to make; only a few very small details (like “Exercises are very important for *your* health. even a little bit; but if they are light or hard for you, who *has* to say is your doctor.”) But those were very minor (even “natives” make mistakes like that), and didn’t interfere at all with the understanding. If there is ever anything that isn’t clear when you write, I’ll ask; but I don’t think you’ll have that problem. Your writing is very good.

Hi! Tim, thank you very much for your support!

It´s my pleasure to receive your answer. I´m happy with this! Your podcast is part of my daily routine; now your site will be too.

I work out in the gym four times a week, always at noon.

You are very disciplined!

I try work out every morning days in the park, after work out I come back home, take a shower and have a lunch.

I wish there was a park nearby for me to work out every day.

When do you work out?

I often go to the gym in my lunch time and I use this opportunity to work out.

Where do you work out?

I work out near by my company, at the gym.

What do you do after your workout?

So, how i work out in my lunch time, after I’m going to lunch and go back to my work.

You sound like a disciplined person!

I often work out in the morning and I do that at my university. After my workout I take my breakfast.

I workout at home five times a week in the afternoon. After I’m done, I wait a minute and I have a meal

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