O tempo passa… | Inglês Todos os Dias #221

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O tempo passa… | Inglês Todos os Dias #221

Estamos passando uma temporada com família aqui nos Estados Unidos. É uma pena que quando estamos nos divertindo, o tempo passa tão rápido! Vamos aprender a dizer "o tempo passa" em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.

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Last week went by so fast!
"The fundamental things apply... As time goes by." (from the movie "Casablanca")
Last week went by so quick!
go by
went by
Susquehanna Valley
The week went by very quickly!
The week flew by!
How about your week?
Did your week go by fast/quickly, or slowly?



How about you? Did your week go by quickly or slowly?

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41 comments “O tempo passa… | Inglês Todos os Dias #221”

My week went by very fast!

That’s good! What did you do?

The week flew by, for me. Have a nice vocation, Tim!

Thank you, Daniela!

My week went by very quickly because I was studying the phrasal verbs with “get “.

That’s great! Are you learning them?

My week went by slowly.

Too bad. Lots of work?


My week by slowly and very hard. Oh my God it’s still Thursday.

Sorry to hear that. I hope next week is better.

Hy Everyone !

My week went by slowly and blessedly !

Have Everyone a Wonderful Friday !

It’s always good to be grateful for our blessings!

I’ve live in Dublin for 1 year. This year went by so fast

It seems like you enjoy living in Dublin.

Last week went by so quick because I was very busy.

It’s good to be busy!

As always my week went by very quickly because I had a lot of work. I hope the weekend pass by slowly. 

The weekend usually goes by pretty quickly! 😀

Wow! this week flew by!

Yes, as usual!

Hi TIM. My week went by so Quickly! I Did a lot of tasks at my Job, that I don’t saw the days go by. Enjoy your Wonderful country because the days go by so fast.

That’s true, Jorge! Thank you!

Hi Tim. My week went by slowly, and I hope next week go by quickly. Enjoy your trip

Thank you, Andrigo! Have a great weekend!

Tim, have you heard about “Schumann resonances”? It maybe should explain why the time seems to go by so fast? Or maybe having a highly busy life could be the answer. For sure the time spent here really pays off! You are the guy!

I checked it out on Wikipedia, but I’m still not sure what “Schumann resonances” is. It seems a little complicated. 🙂

My week went by very fast 🙂

Last week went by so fast because I was having an excellent day with my boyfriend. 

Last week Went flew by beacause I was on work trip in Porto Alegre. And you Tim, How about your vacation?

Hello Tim, the weekend went by slowly, because rained a lot in São Paulo, enjoy your trip and when will you came back?

My week went by slowly because my work is very boring

My week went by so fast.

Can I use the present perfect in this case? Exemple:
My week has gone by very fast. I’ve been very busy.

My week went by slowly.

My holiday is flying by!!!!
In fact, great times go by so fast! 
Enjoy your holiday, because it goes by quickly!!!!

Hi everybody .. My week went by so quick because today is Friday. It is such a lovely day! I like this moment so much.


Yes, time flies by so fast!

All weeks went by fast this year.The time flew.

It sure did!

Good evening tim. My last weekend went by so fast. We are already in the middle of the year!

Hard to belive!

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