Inglês Todos os Dias #51 [Preposição]: Muito obrigado pela participação!

Inglês Todos os Dias #51 [Preposição]: Muito obrigado pela participação!

No mini-podcast de hoje, eu queria agradecer por sua participação no nosso 50º episódio, e ensinar-lhe a preposição certa para se dizer obrigado por/obrigado pelo em inglês .



Para adquirir todos os arquivos de áudio de 2015 e 2016, CLIQUE AQUI

Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Thank you (so much) for participating!

Thank you for the gift!

Thank you for coming!


Now it's your turn! [Agora é sua vez!] Please complete the sentence: Thank you,   (NAME)  , for _______________ .

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41 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #51 [Preposição]: Muito obrigado pela participação!”

Thank you, dear teacher , for helping us to learn English with the tips.

Best Regards.
Vera Abreu.

It’s my pleasure, Vera Abreu! Thank you for your comment!

Thank you for helping us during our journey learning English. 

Sure thing, Henrique! I’m so glad to be a part of this journey with you!

Thank you for being the blessed ‘guy’ you are.
Could I say: Thanks for the blessed ‘guy’ you are? Changing thank you to thanks.

Thank you, Karneiro! Yes, you can say that. It’s much more informal, though.

Thank you, Tim for your excellent Job, I’m learning a lot with you.

So glad to hear that, Alexis! Thank you for your comment!

Tim, As I told you in (at?) an older podcast we all have difficulties with prepositions. Immediately you started to teach (teaching without to?) us with some podcasts. Thank you for teaching us about that important part of gramar. Please, corrrect me if you can.
Thank you for your time.

Yes, José Luiz! You are the one who gave me the idea of teaching more prepositions! Thank you for the suggestion! 

By the way, your prepositions are correct! No need to change anything.

Thank you, Tim for teaching us!

It’s always a pleasure, Quelem! And thank you for your nice comment!

Hello Tim, tnks a lot for the post

You’re welcome, Carlos! Thank YOU for participating here!

Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot for helping us to brush up on our english in order to pass on to our students.

God bless you all.

Thank YOU, Gabriela, for your interest and participation here on our site! It’s always great hearing from you!

Thank you Tim for sharing you knowledge generously with us!!!

Thank you, Ana! It’s always a pleasure!

Thank you, Tim, for giving English lessons in an interesting way.

Sure, Mário! Thank you for your comment! So glad you enjoy the lessons!

Thank you, Tim for teaching us! I am learn a lot.

It’s great to hear that, José! Thank you for writing here!

Thank you Tim for giving us these marvelous moments. I admire your job so much!

It’s wonderful to hear that! A comment like yours makes it all worthwhile!

Thank you Tim for your time and dedication every day. I have been learning so much to you.

So glad to hear that, Paulo! Thank you for your nice comment!

Thank you Lord, for Tim Barret; He’s a Blessing in our lives ! Amen. Thank you Tim!  🙂

Wow! Thank YOU, Gentleman!

I couldn’t find your gift about preposition yet, but, thank you, teacher, for answering my doubts promptly!

I just sent it to you, Marilene! Just make sure you got it and let me know; ok?

You said ” for participating” and “way of saying” so, I understood that after a preposition we need to add ING to the verbs. Is it correct?” I don’t like to work in the garden because I’m not good at planting.”

Yes, that is correct, Marilene! After prepositions, always use the verbs in -ing. I’m like you; I’m afraid I don’t have green fingers, either.


Thank you, Teacher Tim, for giving us so useful tips!

PS: ” Better late than never”… Can I say that in English? In Portuguese is “Antes tarde do que nunca” to justify this late coment… 

Yes, that is what we say in English: Better late than never! Thank you for participating!

thank you my cute teacher for helping us  with the lessons as you said now is our turn , have a wonderful weekend

Thank you, Custodio! Yuo have a wonderful weekend, too!

Hi, Tim!

I that have to thank you to you! So, I’d like to say to you THANK YOU SO MUCH for your handy tips that help us a lot to learning English!

God bless you and all your family!
Keep being this beautiful person that you are.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your kind words, Emerson! I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much Tim for your excellent Job, I’m learning a lot every day with you lessons. The way like you teach is realy brilliant !!! 

Thank you, Sami! I am so glad you are enjoying the tips!

Hi, Tim!I’ve been listened to your podcasts on my car bluetooth everyday and traffic it’s not a trouble anymore!!!!!Thank you for this. I love learn phrasal verbs.My best regards, Carolina

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