On My Own vs. By Myself [Inglês Todos os Dias #160]

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On My Own vs. By Myself [Inglês Todos os Dias #160]

On my own significa sozinho, e by myself também significa sozinho. Mas tem alguma diferença entre estas duas expressões em inglês? Vamos falar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.


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I went to the mall yesterday all by myself.
on my own
I learned English on my own.
by myself
pick up
I love myself.
by yourself
I went to the mall by myself.
yourself, herself, himself
I cleaned the kitchen by myself.
I learned English by myself / on my own.
I got dressed all by myself.
What did you do by yourself?
with nobody's help



Veja este livro infantil com o título "All By Myself":


Inglês Todos os Dias #156: ‘Alone’ vs ‘on my own’ em inglês


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Let's practice!

What did you do by yourself? Please tell us about it below.

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32 comments “On My Own vs. By Myself [Inglês Todos os Dias #160]”

Is it possible to enable the option to play the audio from the site? I mean, it’d be awesome to listen to the audios from the site itself instead of having to download it all the time. It’s kinda frustrating. I don’t know but I think it’s a must-have tool for a site like this. It’d be just perfect.

Best regards!:)

Hello, Krish! There is an audio player on the site. It’s right above the text that says, “Clique AQUI baixar o áudio para o seu computador.” But it is a flash player. Maybe your browswer doesn’t support flash. What browser are you using, if I may ask?

I’m writing this by myself 🙂

Great job, Matteus! 🙂

I like to spend a little time by myself to do things that I like so much like play video games or studying English!

My husband is travelling and today I cleaned home by myself.

I went to college by myself!

Today i went to college by myself, nobuddy of my friends went with me.

I went to other country by myself without speaking the local language, many years ago…

I used to learn some things by myself, because I work with technology and I have to keep me updated.

I read this tip by myself.

I made a script in excel VBA by myself

I tidied up all stuff by my self.

I always travel by myself, that’s why I need to learn English!

I went to paralimpic game in Rio, by myself and i enjoyed a lot it.

I’ve Just made the afternoon coffee by myself.

Tim how can I say “lanche da tarde”? I wrote “afternoon coffee” but I don’t know wether it’s right.

I went to the zoo a few days ago by myself.

I Went to USA tem years ago all by myself.

I Went to USA ten years ago all by myself.

Hello Tim, how are you??

When I have free time , three or four time a week, I wake up early and go to the park by myself and make a gym an run for almost two hours.

Have a nice day.

Hello Tim, how are you??

When I have free time , three or four time a week, I wake up early and go to the park by myself make a gym AND run for almost two hours

Have a nice day.

“all by myself…

don´t wanna be… all by myself anymore”

Do you need some time…on your own
Do you need some time…all alone
Everybody needs some time…on their own
Don’t you know you need some time…all alone

November Rain – Guns N’ Roses

Last month I went to Salvador by myself. It was a very funny trip. I intend to go there back with my family.

Hello Tim,
I prepared the lunch all by myself.

I always do the homework all by myself.

I drove my car by  myself.

Hi Tim,

I just dropped by to say that yesterday I came across a news from BBC with this headline ‘When Tom Hanks runs into your wedding photos’.

Thank you!


Yesterday I did a apple cake all by myself for the first time.

Hi Tim! Long time no see!

Well, Actually, I went to the cafeteria yesterday by myself because there was nobody available to go with me.
Yesterday night I studied English on my own.

See you!
Take care!

Vera Graña from Spain

Dear Tim, long time no “hear” :o)!! Actually, as always, I let my emails piled up, so I’m the responsible for being a stranger here! I’d like to tell you that I don’t do anything by myself… Our lord is always with me!! Great talking to you again!

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