Não pule! | Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #71

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Não pule! | Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #71

Li notícias trágicas de uma moça que pulou de bungee na hora errada porque o instrutor não sabia dizer “Não pule!” da forma correta em inglês. Por isso vamos aprender a dar ordens negativas no imperativo em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Don’t jump.
Bungee jumping
She was bungee jumping.
"No" jump.
Now jump.
Don’t run.
Do not jump.
Don’t jump.
Don’t sleep.
Don’t forget.

DOMINE inglês básico no fim do ano!



Dê uma ordem negativa em inglês no setor de comentários abaixo.

Don’t ___(verb)____ .

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32 comments “Não pule! | Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #71”

don’t forget to study

Good advice!

Don’t jump pleaseeee!!!!

That’s what the instructor should have said!

Don’t run!

OK. I’ll just walk quietly.

Don’t go!

Why not?

Don’t drink and drive!!

For sure!

Don’t eat 

Why not? Am I too fat?

Now jump high.

Can I jump already? Are you sure?

Don´t ride a bike on the sidewalk, please!

That’s right!

Don’t touch in my things!!

Did you say that to your little brother?

When my little son and I stay in shopping mall I always say to him: Don´t run please!

Does he obey? 🙂

Yeah! hahaha.. But sometimes he doesnt obey a bit. These children have infinite energy. hahaha

Do they ever!

Don’t cry for me Argentina, rsrsrsrrs

Yep! A famous song!

I’m very happy to acess You! My first comment: Don’t smoke!

My mother used to say for us: “Don’t touch!!!! Look with your eyes, not with your hands.” (brazilian saying)

Don’t stop studying English.

Don’t try drinking if you want to drive.

Don’t give up to study english.

Don’t forget

Don’t speedy!!

Don’t forget to study english every day!

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