Inglês Todos os Dias #145: ‘Para qual time você está torcendo?’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #145: ‘Para qual time você está torcendo?’ em inglês

Palmeiras e Santos se enfrentam hoje. Para quem você está torcendo? Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje e também aprender a dizer "Pra que time você torce?" em inglês. Vamos aprender a tomar cuidado com o verbo support, também.


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I don't/can't put up with/stand/bear the traffic in São Paulo.
What team do you support?
What's your favorite soccer team?
What's your soccer team?
Are you a Steelers fan?
cheer for / root for
I cheer for Palmeiras.
I'm a Palmeiras fan.
Who are you cheering for?
I'm cheering for Palmeiras.



Inglês Todos os Dias #142: ‘Fique ligado! De ouvidos atentos!’ em inglês


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Let's practice! Answer the following question:

Who are you cheering for tonight? Palmeiras, Santos, or none of them?

ATENÇÃO: Se quizer dizer "nenhum dos dois", use "none of them" depois de "I am cheering for...", e "any of them" depois de "I'm not cheering for..."

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31 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #145: ‘Para qual time você está torcendo?’ em inglês”

I’m cheering for Palmeiras as well! Go Palestra!! kkkk


Hello Tim,

I’m cheering for Palmeiras since I was born;

You’re a smart guy!

I’m cheering for CORINTHIANS since of always.

I won’t hold it against you! 🙂

I’m cheering for Palmeiras since I was in my mom’s womb! 

Wow! It must be genetic! 🙂

We’re cheering for CORINTHIANS!! 🙂 🙂 #VaiCorintians

Nobody asked about Corinthians! :-b

Hello Tim, 

I am cheering for Palmeiras since I was child.

You’re a smart guy!

Hi my teacher!
I’m cheering for SANTOS.
The best ( risos…)

Well, at least we tied yesterday. 🙂

Hey Tim! Make believe today I’m cheering for palmeiras.

OK. That’s a good make-believe! 🙂

I cheer for Cruzeiro

That’s OK; you’re still my friend. 🙂

I’m for Cruzeiro.

What position is Cruzeiro in right now?

I´m looking forward to going to S.Paulo to watch the soccer game and cheer for Palmeiras. I´m a Palmeiras fan

It’s a very nice stadium!

I’m cheering for Brasil in this Olympic games!

I don’t cheer for any of these teams! I cheer for Sao Paulo, which lost in Libertadores championship yesterday… 🙁
But, is part of sport!

None of them. I’m cheering for Flamengo. I live in an inner city in Rio de Janeiro.

Hi, you guys!

Well, cheer for CORINTHIANS. My bad! But, what can I do? There’ll always be someone who goes against the grain. LOL

Once, at my workplace, I was asked to say “para que time você torce” in English. I, then, said: “Which soccer team do you root for?”

Did I make any mistake, Tim? Strange as it seems, I’ve always thought “root for” was an American way to say “torcer” in English…

See ya!

we are cheering for Palmeiras, go up Palmeiras!

I am cheer for Corinthians since a move to São Paulo.

I’m always cheering for Brazil in the World Cup.
Teacher How can I say ” Estou passando aqui para dizer um oi” in English? thank you for all!

Hi Tim,

I’m not writing about this phrasal verb, but about all the podcasts. And I want to say you that your work with this podcasts is amazing. Please, don’t stop. I’m listening from the begging until now and I’m enjoying.

I’m buying your book in few days (when the money arrive? Is that correct? haha). Studying Phrasal Verbs really show results. Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day. And hope to see more 150 minipodcasts episodes ahead.

I cheer for Internacional of Porto Alegre, and I am very sad with the results of my team.

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