Mr. Monk e o Computador [Expressão: “Pegar o Jeito” em Inglês]

Assista ao vídeo engraçado abaixo, "Mr. Monk e o Computador" (2 minutos). Leia o Script. Leia as explicaçõees do vocabulário, e aprenda a expressão "get the hang of (something)". (Remember that Mr. Monk has OCD [a doença "TOC"].)

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Mr. Monk and the Comptuer - Skript (See translations and explanations below.)

Mr. Monk e o Computador (Script)

Stottelmeyer: Oh, he signed on.
Monk: Who?
S: It's a reporter. He's doing a profile on the department. It's my first online interview.
M: Congratulations!
S: First question.
M: Why did you become a police officer?
S: Well, my older brother, Mark, was in the same... Something's wrong! It's a code!
M: Oh, I fixed your keyboard.
S: You what?
M: Yeah. Yeah. I took all the letters off and I put them back in alphabetical order.
S: Why?
M: They were mixed up.
S: Well, they're supposed to be mixed up, Monk. Every keyboard is like that.
M: I know. It's always bothered me. This is better; don't you think?
S: Well, how am I supposed to write?
M: It's easy. 'A' is 'Q'. 'B' is 'W'. 'C' is 'E'. 'D' is 'R'.
S: I'm not gonna [going to] be able to remember that!
M: I made up a little song to help people. "A is Q, and B is W, C is E, and D is R for you, E is..."
S: Monk, he's asking what's wrong. How do I say, "I'm sorry. We'll try again later."?
M: Ok, no problem. "I'm sorry" is "oidlekkgn". "Oidlekkgn".
S: Oid...
M: lekg...
S: Le...
M: Yea, "le" like the French. Remember the song! "A is Q, and B is W, C is..."
S: It's too late. He signed off.
M: What a jerk!
S: Yeah. Hey! I('ve) got a little message for you.
M: Ok! Remember the song!
S: Ok. It's only eight letters.
[Not a very friendly message.]
M: Yeah, well, it looks like you're getting the hang of it.

Explicação/Tradução dos Termos

  • he signed on [phrasal verb] = ele entrou (se conectou ao programa)
  • profile = perfil
  • interview = entrevista
  • become = tornar-se
  • wrong = errado
  • i fixed your computer = consertei seu computador
  • keyboard = teclado
  • take off [passado, took off] = tirar
  • put (them) back = coloquei-os de volta
  • mixed up = misturado(s)
  • supposed to be = "é para ser"
  • keyboard = teclado
  • is like that = é assim; é desta forma
  • It's always bothered me = It has always bothered me [present perfect]
  • bothered me = me incomodado
  • how am I supposed to write = literalmente, "como é para eu escrever?" (Como devo/posso escrever?)
  • be able to = poder
  • make up [passado, made up] = criar, inventar
  • too late = tarde demais
  • sign off = sair (desconectar do programa)
  • jerk = idiota
  • I('ve) got = I have = Tenho
  • it looks like = parece (que)
  • to get the hang of (something) = ver explicação abaixo

Domine Centenas de Phrasal Verbs e Expressões do Dia a Dia em Inglês

O que significa a expressão ‘to get the hang of (something)' Como se diz “to get the hang of (something)" em português? Qual é a tradução de "to get the hang of (something)"? What does "to get the hang of (something)" mean? What is the meaning of "to get the hang of (something)"?

  • To get the hang (of something) = "pegar o jeito"/dominar (alguma atividade)

Outros Exemplos:
- I've never used a notebook computer before.
- Don?t worry. You'll soon get the hang of it.

After three weeks of using this computer program, I think I finally got the hang of this computer program.

Driving seems complicated at first, but it's easy once [uma vez que] you get the hang of it.

I never did get the hang of playing the trumpet. I think I'm going to give it up.

Observação: ["I never did get the hang of...." seria igual a dizer "I never got the hang of...", mas de forma mais enfática.]

How about you? What did you get the hang of? Or what are you getting the hang of? Please tell us about it below.

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28 comments “Mr. Monk e o Computador [Expressão: “Pegar o Jeito” em Inglês]”

Very Nice! This Episode was very funy. I like a lot Mr. Monk, in some cases he is very similar to me.

Hi, Wagner! Same here. 🙂 I guess we all have a little Monk in us. haha See you later!

Thank you teacher, continue posting these expressions and your explanations for us.
It’s difficult to learn, but I got the hang of . the practice makes perfect , I think.


Great job using the expression, Ana Lúcia! So glad you liked the tip!

very useful.
Sometimes I´d like to tell this to my students but I didn´t know.
thanks for the tip.

One more question
The Phrasal “Muster up” is criar coragem?
And brush up – melhorar (improve?).
For example: Can I say like this “I muster up and went to London to brush up my Enhlish”
Criei coragem e fui para Londres para melhorar o meu inglês.
Is that right?

Thanks a lot

Hello, Gabriela! Thank you for writing! I’m glad you liked the tip. We “muster up (the) courage”; so you would need to say “I mustered up the courage to travel to England to brush up on my English.” (Notice that you “brush up *ON*” some skill.)

Tim, O phrasal verb “muster something up” é sempre seguido pelo “to” e o verbo no infinitivo?
She finally mustered up the courage TO ASK him for more money.

Sou seu fã Tim! Por favor, continue com o excelente trabalho.


That’s correct, Joilson! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Haha.. Mr. Monk is pretty fun 🙂

I think I’m getting the hang of learn speaking english… 🙂

Keep up the good work, Levvi! You’re doing great!

Hi Tim, thank you. Very good tip. May I ask you something? If i say “I got the hang of cooking.” after “of” the verbs/nouns must end with ing, right?

Yes, that’s correct, Claudia. You need to use a gerund (-ing) after a preposition (of).

Thanks for the video.

Monkey’s just a very funny tv series. By the way, if I’d ever change my keyboard like that, I’d have to get the hang of it… LOL

Take care.

Same here, Fábio! Thank you for your participation!

Thanks for shiarng. Always good to find a real expert.

Thank you for this article. That’s all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something special. You clearly know what you are doing, you’ve covered so many bases.Thanks!

Salam, ada yg bertanya dan keliru ttg anak saya. Adakah ini benar anak saya. Jawapannya saya ambil anak angkat menjadi anak sendiri. 😉 -twitter adi putraWell-loved.

Great tip using Mr. Monk!
Please, keep on posting such useful expressions!

We will, Jessyca! Thank you for the kind words!

Hi Tim! are you talking about to get the hang of driving… the same had been occurred to me,  when i had to got my license drive in Europe, it was a little difficult to me because there are a lot of round abouts in the traffic lanes and there is narrow streets, one’s with forbidden entrance and so…any way,  i have been getting the hang of driving despite be quite diferent from Brazil.

See you and thanks…

It’s all a matter of practice; isn’t it? Do they drive on the left or right side of the rode where you live?

Hey, I love everything you’ve done here… Would you help me with something?
I wanna know exactly, what’s the meaning of the expression “getting in the way”…
If you don’t mind, I’ll appreciate that…
Thaks a lot…
All the best,
By: Edu Lacheski…

Hello, Lacheski. Sometimes, “get in the way” could be translated as “atrapalhar”, depending on the context. It simply means to prevent someone from doing something, or prevent something from happening.

Thank you very much…

Thank YOU, Lacheski!

Hi Tim!

All i have to say… i didn’t get the hang of using some English preposition yet. I keep going, i won’t give up!

That’s the attitude, Vera! 🙂

Tim, sou iniciante, mas estou aprendendo bem com seu método. 

Esta última frase do Monk quase não dá prá entender. Muito de longe o getting, mas não tem problema: eu chego lá. 

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