Pelo jeito… | Inglês Todos os Dias #336

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Pelo jeito… | Inglês Todos os Dias #336

Pelo jeito, a minha filha, Emily, ficou com inveja do meu filho, Michael, no último episódio do Inglês Básico Todos os Dias. (Brincadeira 🙂 ) Descubra por que no mini-podcast de hoje, e aprenda a dizer 'pelo jeito' em inglês.

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Apparently Michael does everything in this family. (Just kidding.)
but anyway
I can cook. (I can't.)
Michael can cook.
Michael can play the piano.
Apparently Michael does everything in this family.
Apparently she was aware of all that.
Apparently tickets are sold out.
sell - sold
sold out
Apparently the elections were fair.
Apparently Emily was jealous of Michael.
Apparently you are bored with my podcast today.
Apparently ______________.


Que levar o seu inglês para o próximo nível?
Domine Phrasal Verbs, Expressões do Dia a Dia, e muito mais AQUI.



Complete the following sentence in the comments section below. 

Apparently __________________________ .

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35 comments “Pelo jeito… | Inglês Todos os Dias #336”

Apparently I have a lot What to learn. 

Don’t we all!

Good night. I believe what if you and your familyI staying together at youtube showing the natural english as every day situations
would be great.

Thank you for the suggestion, Sergio. That would be an interesting option. 

Apparently John has already left.

Is his car gone?

Apparently learning English with videos on youtube is more interesting than podcasts.

Maybe. 😀

Apparently STF is afraid of people comes to know that the elections were farce.

Let’s hope the elections were fair and square.

Apparently we’re going to have video casts at 2019. Aren’t we?

Possibly. 😀

Apparently Michael is the smartest in your family! ( please, don’t show Emily this comment! ) hahaha!!

He thinks so. 😀

Apparently my dog is hungry.

Better go feed him/her!

Apparently You are going to help us in 2019. All Us have to do is to say Thanks a lot!

That is my pleasure, José! Thank YOU!

Apparently today it’s raining all day.

Cozy! 😀

Apparently classes are becoming more interesting!

Apparently I’ll improve a lot my English skills with that mine-Podcast #Inglês Todos os dias.
I’m grateful for that tips, I’ve been learning a lot with that.
Obs: If by chance I’ve written some thing wrong, correct me please.

You’re doing great, Luan! Thank you for your participation!

apprently I ‘ve learned this podcast.

Apparently you have! 😀

Apparently I have to learn much about English 

Always learning!

Apparently I’m going to work on Friday and next holiday

Too bad! 🙁

Apparently you are very well supported. I see you have a very nice family.


Thank you. Yes, I love my family.

Apparently no one will answer this answer.

I will! 😀

Apparently, I came to stay

And you’re very welcome!

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