Inglês Todos os Dias #92: ‘Pena que’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #92: ‘Pena que’ em inglês

Uma ouvinte escreveu e queria dizer "pena que os podcasts não sejam diários"; então vamos aprender a expressão 'é uma pena que' em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje! E eu vou explicar, também, porque considero os nossos mini-podcasts "a daily thing".


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I love these mini-podcats! It's too bad you don't record them every day.
Today I feel bad for the Santistas.
No I don't! 😀
But you can't win every time!
It's too bad they are not a daily thing.
I always have a great time listening to your light, pleasant, and clear classes. I hope I can improve my English. I don't know how to say in English "pena que os podcasts não sejam diários". Anyway, I love them! Thanks so much. Congratulations for the great job. ~ Celia
It's a shame...
It's too bad the podcasts are not a daily thing.
It's too bad you don't record them daily.




Now complete this phrase (in the comments section below): It's too bad that _________________ .

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41 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #92: ‘Pena que’ em inglês”

It’s too bad , Brazil ,as a so beautiful, rich country , doesn’t have any honesty politic…

That *is* sad, Lucia. Should we keep our hopes up for the future?

Hi Tim,

Long time!
Just in case, can I say “It´s a pitty” I´ve seen this expression

See ya

Yes, Gabriela, you can use other expressions such as “it’s a shame”, “it’s a pity”, “it’s unfortunate”, etc. As I said in the podcast, the option “too bad” is the most neutral, less “agressive”, in this situation.

It’s too bad that I have work with sleep. I´m at Company now. =(

Hello, Francisco! I am not sure I understood. Are you sleepy (com sono)?

It’s too bad that I can’t study these podcasts every day. I’m always on business trip! But I catch up on my lessons when I come back!Please, Could you tell me about the word PITY? I’ve read the expression ” What a pity!” and they say it was = “Que pena”! 

Can’t you listen to them on the road, Marilene?

About your question, you can use other expressions such as “it’s a shame”, “it’s a pity”, “it’s unfortunate”, etc. As I said in the podcast, the option “too bad” is the most neutral, less “agressive”, in this situation.

I like the song you play in the podcast. It´s too bad that I don´t know the name of it. Can you tell me?!

Hello, Rosane! It’s just a short little jingle we purchased to use with our mini-podcasts. I’m glad you liked it!

Hi, Tim. It’s too bad that the Rio Doce, an important and beautiful river in my state of MG, is polluted by greedy people and companies.

That *is* too bad!

It’s too bad that it is hard for me to speak English, but I’m confident that with your tips and my effort I’ m going to make it.

Thanks so much for your response and explanation about this expression. One more for my vocabulary.

You’re doing a great job, Celia!

Hi, Tim!

It’s too bad that Vasco da Gama is going too bad in the brazilian championship. hahahaha

I think that I made a mistake in the sentence above haha. Is it wrong?

See you!

Your sentence was great, Jefferson. Sorry about your team! 🙂

Hi Tim!
It’s too bad that you are Palmeirense, you should be São Paulino!

Your podcast is the best….for sure!

Thanks, but no thanks, Eliel! hahaha

Morning Tim!

it´s friday, i´m happy, although, it´s too  bad  because  one more  day at  my live  done.What a  pity

buy, see you!

Let’s be more positive: One more special day, a gift from God!

Tim, it’s too bad you live so far away, I’d like to meet you.

Thank you, Rodrigo. Who know one day we could have a Domine Ingles Meet!

Surely, It would be a great time Tim.

Hi, Tim!
It’s really too bad I can’t read and study your podcasts everyday. Maybe on vacation I can do it more often. Thank you!

That sounds like a good vacataion plan! 🙂

Hello Tim, I just wanted to say I love these studies and podcasts, I have really learned a lot !! Please, never stop doing this incredible work. Thanks so much and Congratulations!! 

Thank you for your encouraging words, Doeg! So glad you like them!

Hi, Tim, thanks for your explanations and for your tip! I’ll try to do it!

That’s great, Marilene! Thank you for your comment!

It’s too bad that my favorite team, São Paulo, is so unorganize the opposite of it was in the past. By the way Tim congratulations for Palmeiras. São Paulo “poor thing”.

Thank you, José! Who knows what will happen next year! 😉

Hi Tim. It’s too bad that I couldn’t listen to the “special’s podcast” about phrasal verbs and know about how you became Palmeiras’s fans.
Can you show me what podcast is? (the number)
Thank you.
Have a great week.
Best regards

Did I say “phrasal verbs”? I meant to say “in the Present Perfect course”. Check it out here: <== LINK

it’s too bad i don’t have money to travel to usa

Just keep on working and saving up. Who knows one day! 🙂

Hi Tim

It’s too bad I don’t have time to study your podcast every day.

But at least you come by here often! That’s great!

It’s too bad that I’m not fluent in English yet, but, one day, I will! I’ll keep learning, and slowly but surely, I get the English fluency!

You’re already doing a great job, Emerson! Keep up the good work!

Hi Tim, 
I’ve have been in US for 5 months, it’s too bad when I don’t understand everything that american native speakers say.

You will soon, Wagner! Just keep on studying, listening, talking!

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