Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #37: ‘Você tem um animal de estimação?’ | Perguntas com o verbo HAVE em inglês

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #37: ‘Você tem um animal de estimação?’ | Perguntas com o verbo HAVE em inglês

Socorro! Meus filhos compraram um Beagle! As coisas vão ficar wild por aqui! E você? Você tem algum animal de estimação? Vamos conversar sobre isso, e aprender a fazer perguntas no Simple Present com o verbo have em inglês, no mini-podcast de hoje.


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Do you have a pet?
dog, cat, hamster, snake
I have a car.
I have
you have
they have
we have
don't have / doesn't have
I don't have / He doesn't have
do / does
What do you do?
Do you have a pet?
Does your daughter have a pet?
Do you have a dog?
Does your wife have a car?
Do you have time?



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Faça perguntas com o verbo HAVE no Simple Present no setor de comentários abaixo.

Do you have a/an ___________ ? / Does your wife/friend/son have a/an ___________ ?

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29 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #37: ‘Você tem um animal de estimação?’ | Perguntas com o verbo HAVE em inglês”

Does your wife have a tattoo; Do you have any too ?

My wife doesn’t, and I don’t, either, Ariol. How about you?

Hi, Tim.
My daughter has a pet. He’s 4 years old, and has become a member of the Family. The things here have got wild, also, since the pet came to us.
What’s the little beagle name’s?
Thanks for the tips, one more time.

Her name is Ruby, Sylvio. We are going to pick her up next week. And what kind of dog does your daughter have?

Hi Tim.
I don’t have a pet.
My pet is doing died one year, was one beautiful dog Labrador, he was 7 years old.

I am sure you miss her! My parents have a Labrador. The whole family loves her!

Good evening, Tim, do you have any pet? my son has a big dog. Have a great weekend.God bless you

Yes, my boys have a new puppy now. What kind of dog does your son have?

hello Tim, my son has a big black Labrador. thanks for your atention,you are so kind person
have a great night.

My parents have a Labrador, too. They are dogs for the family! 

We are looking forward to meet Ruby 🙂 🙂

Thanks! I will be sure to post a picture! 🙂

Oh, yes! Now I see who wrote this – AnneElle! It’s probably YOUR fault my sons are getting a new puppy! Hmph!

Thanks so much for having me !

Thank you for participating here!

I want know if you have an american muscle car?

No, I don’t, Celio. We only have a nice family car. How about you?

My grandkids have a lot of pets;A big dog, a chinchila, fishs, and a hamster( I hate this one )

Wow! Your grandkids like pets! Why don’t you like the hamster?

Tim, Do You like football? And Do you love Palmeiras?
Does your son like football, too?

I sure do, Jorge! And my son does, too. Our team (Palmeiras) is the best! 😀

Do you have a house??

Sort of, Cíntia. It’s in my Dad’s name, but I can say it is mine. 🙂

Do you have a new car? Does your son have a pet?

My car is a few years old. 

Our new “family member” (a Beagle puppy) is arriving next week.

Do your children have many pets??

Do you know how to put together a healthy balanced meal? Do you have time to do it?

Hi Tim!

Do you have someone who to help with your internet page? Like a assistant or staff ?

Do you have a small house? Does your wife have an expensive car?

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