How will President Obama go down in history? [phrasal verb: go down in history]

How will President Obama go down in history? [phrasal verb: go down in history]

In Tuesday's midterm elections, the GOP took over both houses of Congress. Now president Obama will have to work together with the Republicans if he wants to get anything done. The well-known Senator Rand Paul said the following about President Obama: “He has to decide if he wants to go down in history as the most unpopular president in history, or whether he wants to work with Congress."

Nas eleições de meio de mandato de terça-feira, o Partido Republicano assumiu o controle das duas casas do Congresso. Agora o presidente Obama terá de trabalhar em conjunto com os republicanos, se ele quer realizar alguma coisa. O conhecido senador Rand Paul disse o seguinte sobre o Presidente Obama: "Ele tem que decidir se ele quiser __________________ como o presidente mais impopular da história, ou se ele quer trabalhar com o Congresso."

go down in history


Do you remember the meaning [significado] of the phrasal verb/expression "go down in history"?

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__(So-and-So)_ went down in history for __(something)__.

__(Fulano)__ ficou registrado na história/entrou para a história por __(alguma coisa)__.

__(So-and-So)_  went down in history as __(a quality)__.

__(Fulano)__ ficou conhecido na história como  __(uma qualidade)__.


Pedro Alvarez Cabral went down in history for discovering Brazil.


So how do you think President Obama will go down in history? And how do you think President Dilma will go down in history? 

Please tell us in the comments section below.

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10 comments “How will President Obama go down in history? [phrasal verb: go down in history]”

Hi Tim. I think President Obama went down in history already by creating the Obamacare (an universal healthcare). When it comes to Brazil, I understand since Dilma won the last elections she needs to decide if she wants to go down in history as the one who diminished the poverty or increased it in Brazil. 

Social programs like ” bolsa familia” are good, and in some cases, they are really necessary, however it is about time to the economy to grow again.

I am in favor of helping people, too; however, as you said, it would be better if the economy would grow and people did not need government’s assistance and could have better jobs. That is accomplished through the private market. If the government would let up on so many taxes and regulations, there would be more people starting companies and more jobs available. The more jobs there are available, the better the individual worker can bargain for a better salary.

I couldn’t agree more!!. 🙂

I knew you would! After all, you are a Palmeirense!! 🙂

Hi! I think Obama and Dilma will go down in history like weak presidents.

I’m afraid you might be right, Vera. 🙂

Dear Tim, in my opinion, Dilma will go down in history as one of the most (if not the most) incompetent President. And Obama will go down in history as the first African-American President (he already did when he won the election for the first time, of course!). I want Dilma to go down in history as the first impeached female President of the World! 🙁  I still root for Obama to be as succesfull as he can be! Dilma could learn from him…

Thank you for your interesting comment. Do you think that all will happen? 🙂

Dear Tim, unfortunately I don’t think that all will happen. Maybe Obama’s success! Who knows!! 🙂

I am glad for the United States electing its first African-American President. That should have gone a long way in reducing social tensions (which, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have).

I just hope he doesn’t succeed in ALL his plans. Have you seen the movie “America – Imagine a World Without Her”? <== LINK  Unfortunately, there are some Americans that do not have the best intentions for the United States.

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