Inglês Todos os Dias #180: Phrasal Verb: Put Off

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Inglês Todos os Dias #180: Phrasal Verb: Put Off

Eu deveria responder a uma pergunta feita no nosso site, mas estou putting it off por preguiça. Por isso vou falar sobre o phrasal verb put off no mini-podcast de hoje.

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I’m putting off answering Ariol’s question.
parts of the body / body parts
putting off
put off
I’m putting off...
Never put off until/till tomorrow what you can do today.
I’m going to stop putting it off.
What are you putting off?
I am putting off
I have [I’ve] put off participating in domineinglês.
What have you put off?


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Phrasal Verbs with the letter P.            Present Perfect em 14 dias.



How about you? What are you putting off? (of What have you put off?)

I've put off _______ing...
I am putting off ______ing...
I've been putting off ______ing...

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40 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #180: Phrasal Verb: Put Off”

I am putting off starting a good diet and you ?

We’ll start on January 1st; how about it? 🙂

I’m putting off my English’s classes, but I will try to go back them. (?)

Please come back soon!

I am putting off buying a crankset

What are you going to do with the crankset? Fix your bike?

I’ll never put off learning English! Is it right teacher?

That’s correct, Emerson! That’s the right attitude! 🙂

I’m putting off studying Phrasal Verbs.

Stop putting it off, Robert! 🙂

Hi Tim, 
Can I put off my English class for next week?

Now, Denilson! No putting off your English class!! 🙂

I am putting off installing the christmas tree.

Put it up already! 😀

Hi Tim!

Putting off, postpone and procrastinate are the same meaning?

Well, I’m putting off putting up my Christmas Tree.


Yes, they are basically synonyms, but we use “put off” more informally in everyday English.

I am putting off going to gym.

Come on! Get your gym clothes on and HIT THE GYM!! 😀

I’m putting off learning IT. Never put off untill tomorrow if you can do today. 😀 Thank you Tim Barret.

Yes! Start today!

I am put off my trip of end year!!

I hope you can go next year.

I am putting off the payment the bills

Uh-oh. I hope you get your finances in order soon. 🙂

I’m putting off my Masters Degrees’ thesis!

I’m putting off my Thesis of Masters Degree!

Start working on it right away! 🙂

Unfortunatly, I am always putting off my English studying! That way I won’t get there

Don’t do that, Kenny! 🙂

Im putting off having appointment at the nutritionist! 

You can do that in the New Year! 🙂

I am putting off try English end outher projects…

Don’t put off your English projects! 🙂

I´ve put off my profession and work in different things.

I’m putting off, putting my books in order

I’m putt off studying english

I´m putting off cleaning my room.

I was putting off listening to the podcast every day last year, but this year I´m finally getting around to it!

(Is the sentence correct?)

I’ve put off reading of bible

I try not putting off my duties. I fulfill my deadlines.

I’ll see you around,
Regards from Spain

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