Rip Off | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #01

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Rip Off | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #01

Tirar foto com o Papai Noel foi um roubo! Como assim? Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje para descobrir, e aprenda a ousar o phrasal verb “rip off” para se dizer “roubo” em inglês.







Esta dica faz parte do pacote "Phrasal Verbs com as Letras Q & R", CONFIRA AQUI!

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Watch it kids; it's a rip-off!
I ripped off my shirt to show my muscles.
He ripped me off.
I got ripped off.
This is a rip-off!
Be careful, guys; it's a rip-off!
Be careful, guys; it's a racket!
You don't have to pay.
Designer label clothes are just expensive rip-offs.
Have you seen the prices of the Mac Pro? What a rip-off!
Our meal in town was a complete rip-off.
You can get ripped off.
R$ ________ for a/an ____________ is a complete/total rip-off.



Let's practice the noun rip-off in the comments section below. 

R$ ________ for a/an ________ is a complete/total rip-off!

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35 comments “Rip Off | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #01”

R$ 60 for a dvd is a complete rip-off!

I think so, too. Especially in the digital age we live in.

R$ 10 for a bottle of water is a complete rip-off!

It is!

R$ 1300 for a day in a hotel is a total rip-off!

For how many people?!

R$ 5000.00 for an Iphone X it´s a complete rip-off.

It is! It’s a great phone, but WAY too expensive!

R$ 33.763 a month for every federal deputy is a total rip off!

And how many days a week do they work?

R$ 50,00 for 2 ml of ink to printers it’s a big rip off!!

It is! That’s why I use Epson L355.

R$ 5,00 for a one litre of gasoline is a rip off!!

It sure is!

R$ 5,00 for one cheese bread is a rip off!

Depends. Was it good? 😀

R$99,90 for a literature book is a totally rip off!

It must be a thick book!

US$140.00 for a pants is a rip off!

I know. And a lot of people pay that!

R$ 249 for earpods what a rip-off!! it’s a racket. oh my.

Is that what they cost here in Brazil?

R$ 5.000,00 for a bicycle is a complete rip-off!

R$ 7,00 for an apple is a total rip-off!

Imagine eating one of those apples while riding that bike! 😀

R$ 3.000,00 for a Canon g7x is a complete rip-off!

I’ll say!

R$ 7000 for an Iphone X is a complete  rip-off.

It’s crazy!

Im crazy, R$ 7000 for an Iphone X is a complete  rip-off in Brasil.

It sure is!

R$ 10,00 for a PepsiCo potato is a complete rip-off .

It sure is!

R$ 100 for a T-shirt, its a complete rip-off

It is! Did you buy it? 🙂

Sometimes I think the client of my company wanna to rip me off the sanity…

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