Posso experimentar essa roupa? | Inglês Todos os Dias #194

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Posso experimentar essa roupa? | Inglês Todos os Dias #194

Quando vamos a uma loja de roupa e queremos saber se a roupa ficará boa perguntamos ao vendedor: Posso experimentar essa roupa? Como poderia dizer isso em inglês?

Essa foi uma pergunta de um ouvinte, e vamos respondê-la hoje!

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Can I try it on?
these clothes
Try this.
Try to speak.
try on
Try on these clothes.
Try these clothes on.
Can I try these clothes on?
Can I try on these clothes?
Can I try them on?
piece of clothing
Can I try on this shirt?
Can I try it on?
Try the shirt on.
Try on the shirt.
Try it on.
Try the jeans on.
Try on the jeans.
I tried on a t-shirt, but it was too large.
too tight





Let's practice in the comments section! Complete with a sentence:

I tried on ________________, and/but ______________ .

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24 comments “Posso experimentar essa roupa? | Inglês Todos os Dias #194”

I tried on a dress but I didn’t like because it was too large 🙁

Yes, I know how you feel. 😉

I tried on a sunglasses but I didn´t like because it was too tight . Have a great Night !

You don’t want tight sunglasses!

yesterday I went to the mall to buy some jeans and I asked the salesperson where was the fitting room because I’d like to try them on !

Did you buy them?

I tried on a necktie, but it was too long.

Long neckties are in at the moment, actually.

I tried a rolex on but it was so expensive. 

Rolexes are a little over my budget, too. 🙂

Every now and then I go in the clothes store, imagine the saleswomen stay angry with me, because I try on some t-shirts and buy nothing.

Well, you need to try things on before you buy. It’s not your fault that they don’t have want you want. 🙂

I hate try on clothes!

So do I, Ezequias! 🙂

I tried these planta on but it’s was too right.

I hate it when they don’t have my number!

No I didn’t Tim !

Hopefully next time! 🙂

I tried on a dress, but was too long.

You can always take the hem up.

I tried on the jeans, but it was too large.

That’s good! It means you lost some weight!

I tried on a shirt, but it was too tight. So I realised that I am chubby.

Can I Try on other green shirt, because this was tight.

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