‘Pra que time você torce?’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #311

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‘Pra que time você torce?’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #311

Sem ser o Brasil, para que país você está torcendo nesta Copa do Mundo? Vamos aprender a fazer esta pregunta - e respondê-la - no mini-podcast de hoje. E só completando, eu esqueci de dizer que torço pelo Brasil! Pra que time você torce?

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Other than Brazil, what country are you rooting for in the World Cup?
What team/country are you cheering/rooting for?
I root for Brazil.
cheer for Brazil
What team do you root for?
What team do you cheer for?
What team do you support?
Other than Brazil, what team are you rooting for in the World cup?
What team are you rooting for in the World Cup?
What country are you cheering for in the World Cup?
other than Brazil
Let’s cheer for Brazil tomorrow!










What country are you rooting for in the World Cup? Please tell us about it in the comments section below.

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31 comments “‘Pra que time você torce?’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #311”

As I’m Brasileiro, i’m rooting for Brazil or Germany, I’d like one of them to earn the World Cup, and you, what are you team cheering for in World Cup?

I always cheer for Brazil!

Other than Brazil, I’m rooting for Japan , because my father is Japanese.

Japan played well in the first round!

I live in southern US and I hear “pull for” a lot

Yes, that’s right, Eliahn. “Pull for” is another way of saying “cheer for”. It is difficult to explain, but “pull for” seems a little more “temporary” to me, though. For example, today I was “pulling for” Croatia to beat Argentina. 🙂 “Pull for” is almost like saying “I hope you win, I wish you the best, I want you to win, etc.” It’s very similar to “cheer for”, but not exactly. Why don’t you ask people around you there what they think the difference between “root for” and “pull for” is; and, if you can, post their answers here; how about it?

Other then Brazil, I will root for England.

They are doing well so far.

Other then Brazil, I’m rooting for Japan! The first game of Japan was so nice.

They are playing well.

Other than Brasil, I am rooting for Germany.

Oops! I just saw your comment here. Better chose another team now! 🙂

Now, I root for Costa Rica because Brasil won by 2×0. kkkkkk

Did you feel bad for them? 🙂

Other than Brazil, I’d like to root for Island.

They were a valiant team!

Other than Brazil, I am rooting for Belgium and Mexico. 

Belgium has a good team. And it seems like Brazil is going to play against Mexico in the next stage already.

other than brazil , I cheer for Germany. Because I’m have german’s name.

Sorry, Ariol. You’ll have to chose another team now.

Other than Brasil, I Root for Belgium.

Belgium has an interesting team this year.

Other than Brazil, I’m cheering for Portugal,  because my mother is from Portugal.

They are still in the competition!

Other than Brazil, I root for Spain and UK.

I think they are going to make it to the Round of 8.

Other than Brazil, I root for Japan and Portugal.

Other than Brazil, i root for Belgium because they play a good futbol.

Well I cheer for Uruguay because this little country is very paceful , and they have a lot of race.

Other than Brazil, I root for the multicultural team of France.

Adorando o site de vocês, parabéns!!!

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