Inglês Todos os Dias #101: Present Continuous para expressar o futuro em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #101: Present Continuous para expressar o futuro em inglês

Quando usamos o Present Continuous [Presente Contínuo] para expressar o futuro em inglês? Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje!


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I’m teaching at 3:00 this afternoon.
I’m going to lose weight.
I am teaching (right) now.
I am teaching at three.
I am teaching tomorrow.
What are you doing on Saturday?
What are you doing tonight?
What are you going to do (tonight)?
I’m eating out tonight.
I’m going out to eat tonight. [go out = eat out]
I’m teaching until 10.
I’m watching TV tonight.
I’m watching the Palmeira’s game tonight.
I am riding my bike with my friends.
I’m going to answer your comments this afternoon.


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Responda a seguinte pergunta com o Present Continuous.

What are you doing on Saturday?
I am __________ ing.

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39 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #101: Present Continuous para expressar o futuro em inglês”

I´m going out for shopping!!! Yay!

That’s what my wife wants to do! 🙂

I am going to a wedding party. 

Better you than me! 🙂

I am going to cinema on Saturday!

What movie are you going to see?

I’m going to start my vaccation on monday!  
Tim, tenho uma curiosidade: Para o Americano, o que significa o título “BREAKING BAD” (do seriado).. eu entendi como se fosse, QUEBRANDO O MAU…não sei se é correto!

Hello, Douglas. It’s not a common expression for me, but I read this on Urban Dictionary: Comes from the American Southwest slang phrase “to break bad,” meaning to challenge conventions, to defy authority and to skirt the edges of the law. “What, you just decided to break bad one day?”

Hey Tim, thank you to answer my question, but I’m not decided to break bad, LOL.. I said this because the name of the series that I saw is “BREAKING BAD” this series featured Bryan Cranston as Walter White (Heisenberg). You have not seen?

Yes, I knew about that series. Before the series came out, that wasn’t an expression I was familiar with.

Tim, I am listening to a lot of English podcasts this weekend.

It sounds like you are determined to improve your English over the weekend, Sergio! 🙂

I’m going to the mall and afterwards, I’m going to dinner with my girlfriend and her son (that I love)!

I hope you three have a great time!

I’m finishing my closet project. I intend to build it as soon as possible.

Are you building a closet, Paulo?

Yes, I hope so. It´s a kind of hobby to me. In my house all electrical and hydraulics was made by me as the cabinets of the bathrooms too.

Cool. I wish I were a little more handy at home.

I’m letting my daughters have a birthday party on Saturday afternoon.

That’s nice, Katia! I am sure your daughters will have a great time!

Tim, I really thing you should whatch a Corinthians´ game. Do you agree? and answering your request: I´m praying tomorow morning in church! 

Yes, your team really needs a lot of prayer!

(Hahaha! I know. That was bad! I just couldn’t help it! kkkk)

Muito bom, acabei de conhecer seus podcasts e ja viciei, aguardando pelos novos amigo !! muito bom

Welcome, Victor! So glad you enjoyed the podcasts!

 I’m traveling to the Beach! 

When, Carlos?

I’m doing a workout tomorrow!

Good for you! Keep it up!

I’m eating out tomorrow night!

Have a good time!

Olá, adoro seus podcasts e ouço todos os dias.. Esta me ajudando muito e tenho aprendido cada vez mais! Teve uma aula que você falou sobre Break Up e me passou pela cabeça o titulo do livro “Breaking dawn” que aqui no brasil foi traduzido como Amanhecer .. Sei que não tem nada a ver, mais gostaria de saber mais sobre essa expressão e sua tradução. Thank you in advance! 

Obrigado pelo comentário, Jhonathan. Vou guardar essa pergunta para um mini-podcast; OK?

Claro! ficarei no aguardo.. obrigado!

I´m going out with my wife.

I hope you have a great time together!

I’m going to the beach ! Congratulations for teaching us.

Have a good time!

i’m doing swiming and after i’m going to the club come rain or shine

Everything to stay in shape! 🙂

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