Present Perfect em 14 dias: Lição 1


No mini-podcast de hoje, descubra por que o nosso pai, que adora celulares, usou o present perfect na seguinte frase: I've bought a new cell phone.


Estrutura do Present Perfect:

Subject + have/has + past participle

Regular verbs:

work - worked - worked
play - played - played
study - studied - studied

Irregular verbs (past e past participle iguais):

buy - bought - bought

Irregular verbs (past e past participle diferentes):

go - went - gone

Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

I have (I've) bought a new cell phone.
Nice! Which model have you bought?
I've bought a new swimming pool for my son Benjamin. He loves it!

Outros exemplos (não dados no podcast) com o present perfect para falar sobre nova informação:

The price of gasoline has gone up. [O preço da gasolina subiu.]
John has broken his leg. [O João quebrou a perna.]
I have traded my car in for a new one. [Troquei de carro.]



Agora vamos praticar (no setor de comentários abaixo)! 

Complete a frase e escreva algo que você comprou recente (Lembre-se que no present perfect você não pode falar quando você comprou.)

I've bought a new _____________ .

348 comments “Present Perfect em 14 dias: Lição 1”

I’ve stared to study my first English lesson about Presente Perfect.

Great job with your first sentence, Wagner! You used the present perfect correctly because you are giving us *new information* and you didn’t specify the time.

I’ve bought a new notebook for me! I’ve loved the first lesson of the present perfect!
Have a nice day David and Tim!

Thanks, Vera! Great job with your sentences.

I’ve bought a new makeup in the airport.

Good job with your sentence, Raquel. My sisters would like that purchase! 🙂

I’ve bought a new book about leadership. Very interesting! Thanks Tim and David for this English lesson about Presente Perfect, I’ve loved it!

So glad you enjoyed the lesson, Rodrigo! Great job with your sentence! I like to read books about leadership, too.

I’ve bought a Phrasal Verbs Bundle from Tim & Tammy Teach and I’ve been enjoy it!

Great job, Fabian! Let me just make a little correction:

…and I’ve been enjoying it! (or) …and I’ve enjoyed it!

(The first option is called “present perfect continuous”, and it *emphasizes* that your studies continue in the present.)

Present Perfect also indicates that something continues in the present; but the continuous *emphasizes* this fact.

Thanks a lot!

You bet!


Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! 
I ‘ve bought a new sofa. That’s so comfortable! 

Congratulations on the new sofa! We’re planning on buying one this month, too!

Tim, I’ve bought your course “Present Perfect em 14 dias”and I have already received it. I’ve had many doubts about it since I’ve started to study English, mostly when I am practicing conversation, as David said in the record, but I won’t ask the doubts
now because I think you have many things to teach us. At the appropriate moment I will have my questions if it is necessary. My best,

José Luiz

Great, José Luiz! I hope this course answers all your questions. If not, feel free to ask! Let’s master the present perfect!

Hi guys! Recently, I’ve bought a new car. It is great! Really, I know this is not a good time to make new expenses, because the economy is down, but I needed. So, it’s right?

Your sentence is correct, Maikon! Very good! I’ve done the same thing! (bought a new car!) Life goes on! 🙂

Down (or below, or follows (??) my first sentence using Present Perfect:

I’ve bought a new car for my son. He took his first license to drive. we are glad!!!!!

Hello, Ceris! You can say “below is my first sentence”. Great job with you sentence – and good luck with your son’s driving! (I’ve recently had the same experience of teaching my son how to drive.)

I have bought a new computer, so I can study your lessons at the same time my husband is reading his e-mails.

That was smart of you, Lucia! 🙂 That’s a great way to get along and not fight about who is going to use the computer!

I’ve bought a new game for my Xbox One console called “Gears of War – Ultimate Edition”, but, I don’t have time to play it yet.

Sounds like an exciting game!

I’ve bought a new IPad.

Congratulations, Andre! I love iPads!

I’ve bought a new and spacious apartment.

Congratulations, Antônio!

That was a great lesson! I loved it. Thank you. I’ve bought a new couch for my room, now it is beautiful!

Good job, Marilene! Thank you for participating!

Hi Tim,

I have bought a new bundle of Present Perfect lessons in order to improve my English skills! Thanks!!

Good choice, Anderson! 🙂 And good job with your sentence!

I’ve bought a new car

Congratulations, Doris!

I’ve learned the first lesson about Present Perfect, I hope that I can improve my English.
Thanks and God bless You.

And you did a great job! Thank you for your participation!

I’ve bought new shoes for my daughter. 

That’s great, Nilton! I hope she liked them! 🙂

Yes Tim, She did!

I’ve bought a neww book of english

That’s good, Jean! It’s always great to buy new books that help you improve your English! As for your phrase, it would be more appropriate to say “a new English book”, but you have used the Present Perfect correctly! Good job. 🙂

I´ve bought a new pen today.

Very good, Maria! What are you going to use the pen for? 🙂

By the way, you used a time expression in your phrase, but it is correct! I’m going to talk about this in my next episode!

I’ve traded my cell phone in for a new one and I’ve bought a new toy car for my son.

Nice, Beto! You and your son are both happy now! 🙂

I’ve bought the Present Perfect em 14 dias and I’m having a good time!

Great choice, Beto! I hope you are able to master the Present Perfect with us!

I’ve bought a gift for my wife!
We are 25 years together!!!
Can you imagine it?
See you brothers Barret!!!

Wow! 25 years together! That’s wonderful! Congratulations to both of you – especially to your wife for putting up with you all these years! 🙂

I’ve bought a new toy for my grandaughter.

I’m sure she liked it, Cleber!

I´ve bought a new book for my daughter. She loves to read !

That’s great she loves to read, Marcelo!

I haven´t bought anything lately.

Are you saving up your money for something?

I have bought comfortable red  shoes. I loved them.

Congratulations, Elvira! My wife would love your purchase, too! 🙂

Hello Tim, I’ve bought a TV rack for my apartment.

Great. I actually need to buy one, too.

I’ve bought a new shirt.


I’ve bought a new pen.

Can I borrow it? 🙂

I’ve just bought a lot of chocolate and I’m having a blast!

Sounds delicious! 🙂

I’ve bought a new package of american craft biers and you know what? the flavor is much bitter than the brazilian biers 

Unfortunately many products are “cheapened” when they are made/sold in Brazil. I believe it is because of the high taxes, so companies need to cut back on the raw material to break even.

I’ve bought a new printer for my home office. It’s wireless and now I can print out photos directly from my cell phone. Very cool.

This modern technology is amazing!

I’ve bought new paints. They were really cheap! 

Are you going to paint your house, Andressa?

I´m not like you father, but I really have bought a new cell phone.

Congratulations, Fred! I hope you like it!

I’ve bought a new English Course. I’m really excited to learn!

Welcome, Aline! I hope you learn a lot here!

I’ve bought a new pair of sneakers. They are really comfortable and is very good to run with them!

It sounds like you are planning on running a lot, Liza!

Eu fiz um saboroso churrasco em Tampa.

I’ve done a tasty barbecue in Tampa.

Wish I could have been there!

I’ve bought a new house.

Congratulations, Carol!

I’ve bought a new podcast which teaches me how to use Present Perfect. Please, correct my mistakes. And, by the way, David, Congratulations for making things clear and simple. Thanks so much. Celia from Rio de Janeiro.

Hi, Celia! Thank you for your kind words!  Your phrase is correct!  Keep up the good work! 🙂 

Hi Tim and David!

I’ve bought a new backpack to carry my notebook everywhere I go!

Please let me know if I made a mistake!

Thank you very much!

No, you didn’t, Jefferson! Your phrase is fine!  Congratulations! 

I’ve bought a new notebook.

Congratulations, Paulo! I hope it serves you well.

I have bought a new car. That’s true.

Congratulations, André! I hope you enjoy it!

Hi. I’ve bought a present perfect online course and I hope to learn it definitely. Did I make any mistake? Thank you all. 

No, you did great! Welcome to the course!

I’ve bought a new car for my mommy. I’ve been waiting a long time to give her a good present. She’s not only a great mother, but also an amazing person!  …Did I write anything wrong?   =)  

What a great daughter you are! And all your sentences are correct! Good job!

I’ve bought the tickets from the Coldplay concert.

When is the show, Katia?

I have already bought the Christmas gifts. 

Yay! I hope you’ve bought something for me! 🙂

I’ve bought a new box bed.

I hope you sleep well in it, Livia!

I’ve bought new shoes. They’re very comfortable.

It’s important to have confortable shoes. We are either lieing down, sitting – or standing (in our shoes).

I’ve bought a new english course.
Thank you David and happy a new year !

That’s great! Good luck with your studies, Marcos!

I’ve bought a tickets to Rio for next holiday.

Great, Tais! Enjoy your trip!

I’ve bought flight ticket to visit to the US. It will be first time in the Uncle Sam’s Land.
I enjoy american expressions, as “slowly but surely” and “One step at the time”…Thank You guys, really you are doing a great job. Congrats!

Thank you, Ricardo! I hope you enjoy your trip to the U.S.!

I’ve bought two new bikes for my children!

How exciting! I am sure they will enjoy them!

I´ve bought a new podcast about Present Perfect for my knowledge.

Good for you, Marcia! I hope you learn how to use the Present Perfect very well!

Hello Tim and David, 

How are two you??

I’ve bought a new aviation book English to practice listening, but it is difficult to understand..

Have a nice day. (Agora é noite, está correto??)

See you soon and thanks a lot for help me improve my English 

That’s correct, Denilson! As I said on another page, just keep on listening and you will surely improve with time!

I’ve bought a new red dress for my wife, It was a deal between us to I could buy this course.

That was a great deal! 🙂

I’ve bought a new bluetooth headphone.

I have one. They’re very good!

I’ve bought an umbrella.

Good! It’s been raining a lot these days!

I’ve bought a new jeans, blouse and coat. 

It always feels good to wear new clothes!

I’ve bought a new pair of handcuffs for my job. I’m a cop.

I’m glad I’m on the right side of the law! 🙂

I’ve bought a new pocket book. The name of the book is keep you brain alive

Seems like an interesting book.

Hi Teacher ! I have a doubt: What is  the past participle? How is used in English? Why  and How we must use? Can you inform some examples? Many Thanks

Hello, Jorge. There are three forms of any verb in English. Present – Past – Past Participle (go – went – gone (irregular) ; live – lived – lived (regular)). You will learn when to use the Past Participle in different contexts. For example, you will always use the Past Participle with the Present Perfect). Subject + have/has + Past Participle.

Many thanks for your expanation. I´m enjoying the Present Perfect course. Congrats.

 I’ve bought a new car. Do you want see it? 

Sure! Can I drive? 🙂

Hi teacher, I’m a doubt about your answer:
“Can I drive?” OR “May I drive?”, in the case?

You can say it both ways. “Can I drive?” is more informal.

I have played soccer with my nephews, they have run a lot!

Soccer is good exercise.

Teacher, I have a question!
No exemplo: “I have traded my car in for a new one. [Troquei de carro.]”
Qual seria a diferença para expressar as frases seguintes:
Troquei meu carro por um novo (zero km)
Troquei meu carro por outro usado ou semi novo por exemplo.
E a situação de de quem compra o celular de seu pai?
Seria “I have (I’ve) bought a new cell phone.” também?
Saulo – Beginner

Hello, Saulo! You can say: “I’ve traded my car in for a brand new one.”

It’s me again. But now with good news.
I think i’m getting wiser now, after listen four lessons,  things are getting clearer.
Saulo – Begginer

That’s great, Saulo!

I’ve brought 3 sentences.
I’ve finished to read that book.
I’ve lost my keys.

(I’m wondering if they are correct, specially the first one)

Hello, Evaldo! Did you mean to say “brought” as in “trouxe”? That is correct.

Hi David and Tim,

I’ve bought a new running shoes for Marathon Porto Alegre.

Great! Are you going to run the Marathon?

I’m going to run half marathon in the thirty-third Marathon Porto Alegre.

Wow! Sounds exciting!

I have worked all day, so now i´m going to study the first lesson.

I have bought a camera, i hope to take good photos .

Good job!

I’ve bought my first apartament, i’m so happy!!


I’ve bought a lot of diapers for my newborn! hardwork baby! Lol..

These babies use a LOT of diapers! My brother found that out when his son was born! 🙂

I’ve enjoyed the course proposal. Congratulations! I hope we’ll have a lot of exercises to do!

So glad you liked it, Gabriel!Good luck with your studies!

Hello there!

I´ve bought a 24 pack of Blue Moon. It´s really worth it!

Good job guys!

Thanks, André!

I’ve bought a coffee machine at the airport. I loved it.

I like coffee machines. We have several of them at home.

I’ve bought a new plant for my winter garden.

That’s great! I hope it looks nice in your garden!

i’ve bought a new needles for my job, i’m a acupuncturist.

Needles are essential if you are an acupuncturist! 🙂

I have played soccer with my nephews, they have run a lot!

Keep them exercising! It’s good for them!

I’ve bought a new HD because my computer broke again.

I hope you didn’t lose any of your files.

Hi Teacher, I have a Doubt. The Phrase: Nice! Which model have you bought?  In this context the correct form not would : Nice! What model have you bought? Please! Can you help me? Usually I made a mistakes when I´m reading  or writing  using Which or What.  Many Thanks

Hello, Jorge. You can use both, in this case.

I have bought a new perfum. I loved it! 

Great! What brand is it?

I’ve just watched your video lesson one.

Good for you!

I’ve bought a new smartphone. 

Congratulations, Ricardo! I hope you enjoy it!

My husband’s bought a new dress for me and I loved it!

You have a nice husband! 🙂

I’ve bought a new computer .

Great! I hope you use it to improve your English!

I´ve boutgh a new smart TV.

I need to buy one, too.

I´ve bought present perfect course

Good for you, Alexandre!

I´ve bought present perfect course

That’s great! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought a new laptop to study English.

Great idea!

I’ve bought a new ps4 game!

Tim, como ficaria a frase “comprei um novo laptop, pois o meu antigo quebrou”?

Obrigada! Adoro os materiais produzidos por vocês! 🙂

I’ve bought a new laptop because my old one had broken down.

Thank you, Tim!

I’ve bought a new car =)


I’ve bought a kindle, I’m exciting to start reading a new book. 

I love to read on the Kindle!

I’ve bought a new laptop, too.

It is working well?

I’ve bought a new Bose headphone. ( or headphone by Bose ).
It’ve had a amazing sound.

Is it working well ??

Tenho percebido em minhas viagens aos EUA que muitas vezes nao ha a inversão do verbo auxiliar quando estamos falando coloquialmente.

Foi dessa forma que vc perguntou ? It is all right. Is not it ? 

I’ve bought a new iPhone and it’s an amazing cellphone.

What model is it, Ivan?

Hey Tim!
It’s a SE model. I love small phones!

I’ve bought a new pc

I’ve bought a new course about present perfect. It’s amazing!

I’ve bought a new sunglass.

I’ve bought an Apple Watch… And I can’t wait for receive it!

Actually, my husband has gifted me with an Apple Watch, and I cant wait for receive it!

Congratulations! I have one and really like it!

Hello guys!
I haven’t bought anything special lately. However I can say that I have learned English by myself before I started study in a regular school.
Tim and David congratulations for sharing your knowledge with us, I really appreciate that.

Thank you, Cledson! Great job!

I´ve bought a new course on how to get the hang of present perfect. This time, by hook or by crook, I will learn it!!

Great job, Ed Robert!

Hi Tim!
I’ readed a new law book. It’s
 interesting.  Is it correct?
How we say in Brazil,

Almost, José! The verb read is conjugated like this: read (present) – read (past) – read (past participle) The pronunciation of the past and past participle is /red/. So it should be:

I’ve read a new law book.

Good job!

The governor sad that the price of gasoline has decreased, but I don’t fell it in my wallet.

I hope you start feeling the positive effects soon.

Hey everyone!
I’ve bought a fantastic course about Present Perfect. Now I’ll be able to learn that once for all.
See you!

That’s great, Andreos! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought two Porches 911. A Yellow one for me and a red one for my grandson. They are toys cause he is only two years old……….I’ve caught you.

Wow! I thought we had a multi-billionaire here! 😀

I’ve bought a new surfboard. 🙂

Cool! Do you know how to surf?

Hi friends! I’ve bought a new house and I am very happy about this.

Congratulations, Simone!

I’ve bought a new surboard for my sons.

I bet they were excited! Now you need to take them to the beach!

I’ve bought new lenses for my glasses!

Can you see better now? 🙂

I’ve bought an iWatch on weekend but I’m still learn to use it.

How exciting!

I’ve purchased tickets for a trip to Europe. 
Palmeiras has been champion!
My brother’s traded his tiny apartment in for a bigger one.

All exciting news!

I`ve bought a new patio furniture. (:

Sounds cozy!

I’ve bought a new sport clotes, and now I can go to gym.

Yep! No excuses now! 🙂

Hello David!!!! I’ve bought a new shirt for my birthday party.

Happy birthday! Hope you have a great party!

Hi. I´m new here. It´s really nice to be here with you. I’ve bought a new sneakers because I need to train a lot.

Good for you, Roberto!

I’ve bought a new TV and I can watch my favorite movie.

Cool! Which is it?

Hi, Tim and Davi.

I’ve bought a new English Grammar book. With this book and your course I’m sure I’m going to learn to speak English once and for all.

Good for you, Sylvio! Congratulations!

I’ve heard a New postcast that It taught me about present perfect

Very good! I hope it helps you master the Present Perfect!

I’ve bought a new pair of shoes


I’ve bought a new pencil.

Pencils are always useful!

I have bought a new car!

Congratulations, Rosana!

Hi Tim, How´s Everything ! I´ve a great new ! I´ve bought a new small Farm, and I´m pretty thankful for it ! Have a great holiday wekeend !

I’ve bought a new headphone. I’ve loved it. Since I’m always traveling it will be very useful.

i´ve bought a new t´shirt on the internet.

I’ve bought a new English book and I’ve been enjoying it!

Glad to hear that! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought a new suit, because I’ll go to the wedding of my friend.

PS. Please help me with this doubt:
In this first exercise there is the following example, look:

I’ve traded my car in for a new one.

but what a difference between traded vs chaged

Is correct? I changed my car for a new one.


see u


Hello, Daniel! Read Donay Mendonça’s explanation about that here: <== LINK

I’ve bought two pajamas on an amazing sale. 

Those are great for this cold weather we are getting!

I’ve bought a new t-shirt


I’ve bought a new mobile phone, but I prefer that other one my son has bought for him.

Our kids get the best ones! 😀

I’ve bought a new notebook computer.

Great! What model?

I’ve bought a new havaianas sandal to wear on vacation.

I like havaianas!

I’ve bought a new smartphone to my wife.

I’m sure you made her happy!

I’ve been in Dubai and I’ve bought a new cell phone and watch. 

Sounds like an interesting trip! And great purchases!

I’ve bought a new shirt


I’ve bought a new English course.

Are you enjoying it?

I’ve bought a new computer.

That’s great! I’d like a new computer soon, too.

I’ve bought a new bikini to use in my trip.

Where are you traveling to?

I have just bought a new kindle.
I am going to read several english books to improve my english.

That’s great! I love to read in Kindle.

I´ve bought “Inglês para Viagens´´ and I am study hard… hehehe

Good for you! Keep up the good work!

Hi Tim!
I’ve bought some new equipment for my company, my employees loved them.

That’s great! It’s always good to keep the employees happy!

I’ve bought a new automatic car ! I’m really enjoying.

I enjoy my automatic car, too!

I’ve bougth a new case for my Ipad. I want to learning to use the presente perfect correctly. Thanks David and Tim

You’re already doing a great job!

Hi David how’s it going? I’ve bought new clothes. I’m slim down and lose all my clothes.

That’s a good thing!

I’ve bought a new E-Reader lasted generation.

Olá eu também tenho uma pergunta em relação a esta frase:
neste case não é novo?

My parents bought me a dollhouse, but I had to set it up myself

Olá, Renato! Tudo depende do contexto. Parece que nessa frase, a pessoa está contando sobre algo que já aconteceu (talvez há algum tempo). No último episódio (bonus), você também vai aprender sobre alguns casos em que Americanos acabam usando o “simple past” no lugar do “present perfect”.

I’ve bought a new printer. I need to print some important documents every day

I use my printer every day, too.

I’ve subscribed into a new English course!

Good luck with your studies!

I´ve bought a new chair for my office home.

It’s important to have a comfortable chair.

I´m really excited to get start the course!

Enjoy your studies!

I’ve bought the best course about present perfect!

Congratulations! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought a new table for my kitchen.

Great place to gather the family around!

I’ve bought a pair of sneakers.

Are you going to start running?

I’ve bought 3 new phones. One to my friend and two to me!!

What a nice friend you are!

I´ve bought a new course.

I hope you are enjoying it!

Hello Tim ! For example, If I said: I´ve just arrived from NY….is it correct ?
Because it is a new information during a conversation and I don´t inform if I arrived now, 1 day ago, 2 hours….

Yes, that is correct, Fabio! There will be a lesson about “just” soon.

I’ve bought a brand new smartwatch

I love mine!

I’ve bought a crash English course 

Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought a new acoustic guitar!

Congratulations! I love guitar music!

Hi!! I’ve bought a new jacket for winter.

Good idea! It’s a cold winter this year!

I’ve bought a new adapter usb-c to hdmi for my MacBook.

My Dad has bought one recently, too.

I’ve bought a new drone. I really hope it’s don’t go away like my other one….

I would like to have one of those! They look fun!

I’ve bought new pants in the shopping. 

Cool. Were they a good price?

I’ve bought two t-shirts and a cap.

Ready to travel! 😀

I´ve bought a English course for me.

Good for you, Fernanda! Good luck with your studies!

I`ve bought a toy for my son.

Great! Did he like it?

I’ve bought my present perfect course!

Congratulations! I hope you learn a lot!

Congratulations! I hope you learn a lot!

Hello Tim and Davi , Happy Another Domine Ingles’s course , I have bought a New Chromecast .

Are you enjoying it?

I’ve bought a new language course.

Congratulations! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought a new book. I love reading!

I’ve bought a new course “Present Perfect” for me.

I’ve bought a new Pearl Jam’s bootleg.

Hi everybody.
Hi teachers Tim and David. I am just started in this course! I am enjoy it.

OK. let’s go to my example. I’ve bought a new tv rack for my son. I’ve bought a new sneakers to walking.

Welcome, André! Great job with your sentences!

Hi Tim, David! How’re you guys doing?
I’ve bought an old car. Yeah, believe, it’s old! 17 years on a car makes him very old . I’ve sold my previous car, which was so much younger, because I need to rack up some money, in order to reach my new goal!
Thanks for all tips guys and I hope the use that I gave to prashal verb is correct. see ya!

Good job, Alexandre! I hope you can reach all your goals soon!

I’ve bought a new HD SSD for my notebook.

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