‘Puxou ao pai’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #289

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‘Puxou ao pai’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #289

Meu novo sobrinho é bom de boca. Ele puxou ao pai! 🙂 Como se diz 'puxar a alguém' em inglês? Vamos falar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.

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Mathew loves to eat. He takes after his father.
He's a big eater.
take after
I take
You take
He/She takes
He takes after his father.
He took after his father.
My son likes to play video games. He takes after his father.
My ________ likes to ________. He takes after ________.
I hope you take after your mother and like to study.

Todos os episódios do mini-podcast Inglês Todos os Dias de 2015-2016 AQUI.


Vamos praticar a expressão de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. Complete a frase:

____ likes to ___________ . He/She takes after __________________ .

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33 comments “‘Puxou ao pai’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #289”

My niece has red hair. She takes it after her paternal grandmother.

I think red hair is beautiful!

My brother likes to sell things, he takes after our father.

Are they both salesmen?

Yes, They are. My father sells rural properties and my brother sells cattles.

My niece is very angry. I don’t know who she takes after, all in our family are calm.

Her Uncle Denilson? 😀

My grandson likes to make friends. He took after his father.

That’s a good trait!

My nephew likes to travel! He takes after me!

An adventuresome spirit!

My brother is too messy, but I don’t know who he takes after.

He’s a law unto himself. 😀

My grandaughter takes after her father, and the correct way to say it in Portuguese is ” Minha neta puxou AO seu pai ” instead of “puxou O pai ” . Thanks a lot, I love your tips !!!!

Thanks, Laura! I already corrected it in the title. There’s nothing I can do about the recording, though. Live and learn! 🙂

My sister likes to make handmade She takes after my mother.

They are both very talented then!

My nephew likes to shout out. He takes after his mother.

I am guessing his mother is your sister. 🙂

My niece likes to dance. She takes after her mother.

She has a good teacher then!

My son is a huge San Antonio Spurs fan, certainly He takes after me. That’s not enough He looks like me so much.

You sound like a proud father! 😀

He’s always studying , he takes after his father . He seems like Albert einstein . :)) 

Is he your son? 🙂

My cousin likes to fish. He takes after his father.

Do you like to fish, too?

My daughter likes to stay quiet. She takes after me

I’m sure that is a blessing to your wife! 😀

My daughter likes to read. She takes after her mother.

That’s a great gift you gave her!

My daugther likes to study, she takes after me.

My sister likes to dance . She takes after me .

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