‘Que jogo!’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #313

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‘Que jogo!’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #313

Que jogo! Completando a dica de sexta-feira, o Tim vai ensinar como dizer uma frase com "Que + substantivo", tipo "Que jogo!", "Que situação!", "Que jogador!", etc. em inglês.

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What a game!
What a hard game!
What a day!
What a perdicament!
What a dilemma!
What a situation!
What a player!
How fun!
What a fun game!





Leave a comment in the comments section below using the following expression:

What a/an _____(noun)_________ !

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21 comments “‘Que jogo!’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #313”

What a hard game between Portugal and Irã. It was worth watching.

I hope had written right.

You got it, Denilson! Very good! You used an adjective with the noun, but it is correct. You’re right! What a game!!

Hi teacher!
What a car! Ferrari 448GTO.

Did you buy one! 😀


Is she your daughter? 😀

What a wave!

Are you a surfer? 😀

What a lunch I had today.

Same here! I’m full now!

What a cold day. It seems we are in Alaska.

What’s the temperature there?

What an unpredictable world cup! Everyday we have an unexpected result.

Who would have thought that Germany would be out in the first round!

Germany x Coreia what a game!

I wonder who Brazilians were cheering for… 🙂

What a player Tiago Silva has been!

He’s essential to the team!

what a beautiful girl

Is she your daughter?

What a great tip! Thanks!

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