‘Que sufoco!’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #312

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‘Que sufoco!’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #312

Que sufoco! Se o Tim está um pouco rouco neste mini-podcast é porque ele acabou de assistir o jogo Brasil x Costa Rica. Então vamos aprender a dizer 'Que sufoco!' em inglês!

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What a nerve-wracking game!
What a hard game!
How interesting!
A nerve-wracking game
What an interesting game!
What a nerve-wracking game!


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Leave a comment about the game in the comments section below using the following expression:

What a/an ______________ game!

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19 comments “‘Que sufoco!’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #312”

Yes, Brazil had a nerve-wracking game against Costa Rica, but the important was the score…
Tim, speaking about games, how can I say “o jogador está fazendo cera (enrolando),

It’d be correct to say: The player is curling or rolling….

Aqui você encontra bons exemplos que respondem sua pergunta

Yes, that’s an option, Denilson and Joilson. Teams can try to “stall the game”. Here is another list of options:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Running_out_the_clock#Association_football <==Link

Thanks Tim and Joilson, I think stall is the perfect to say “fazer cera”, have a nice day..

Yes, and the most common is to say “stall for time”; but I’ve seen “stall the game” being used, too. Have a great week!

What an exciting game!

Too much excitement, actually! Phew!

Hi Tim
It was really a nerve-wracking game, never mind, there will be more like that during the World Cup. Just relax that’s not the end.

It’s not easy when they wait til the last minute to score a gol!! 😀

Brazil really had a hard game today. Fortunately, Brazil won the game.

Let’s hope they score sooner in the next game!

What an exciting game. I thought the Costa Rica was stalling for time a lot, but Brasil team was the best and won the game.

Yes, it was irritating to watch them stall for time like that. But what a relief when Brazil scored!

Well, It was a excting game , but in 2st time what a nerve-wracking game. D:

Let’s home the next game is less stressful!

What a nerve- wracking game!

Did you watch Germany x South Korea?

What a hard game we have today against Serbia.

Glad to come back here and say we won! 😀

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