‘Reduzir a conta de luz’ em inglês (PHRASAL VERB) | Inglês Todos os Dias #304

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‘Reduzir a conta de luz’ em inglês (PHRASAL VERB) | Inglês Todos os Dias #304

Nosso amigo, Wagner, do novo canal de YouTube EletroWagnético nos passou uma frase interessante com um phrasal verb para se dizer 'reduzir a conta de luz' em inglês (ou reduzir qualquer gasto ou consumo). Assunto muito pertinente nos dias de hoje! Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.

Deixe a sua frase no setor de comentários abaixo. E não se esqueça de visitar o canal  EletroWagnético!

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Using LED light bulbs will help you save on electricity bills.
I am saving money to travel.
I take short showers to save on water.
I walk to work to save on bus fares.
I save on fares by walking to work.
I wear a jacket in the house to save on heating bills.
We turn the lights off when not using them to save on electricity.
I use Skype to save on my phone bills.

Artigo 10 Tips to Help You Save on Gas

save money
Learn to save money.


Vamos praticar o phrasal verb de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. Complete a seguinte frase:

I _____________ to save on _____________ .


I save on _____________ by ___(ing) ________________ .

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34 comments “‘Reduzir a conta de luz’ em inglês (PHRASAL VERB) | Inglês Todos os Dias #304”

I take short showers to save on water and electricity.

I try to tell my kids to do that, too! 😀

Hi Tim!

I’ve got the gist! However, what about “cut back”? Does it mean the same?
By the way, as I live in the north of Spain, I wear a jacket at home in the winter so as to save on electricity bill.
The more I read your tips, the more I learn English.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, Vera! Thank you for your comment and participation here always! Answering your question: Those are related Phrasal Verbs. “To cut back on something” means to “cortar” (reduce the number of) that expense. 

I will cut some chanels to save on my TV bills.

Good idea! 😀

I drive a bike instead of a car to save on gas!

And it’s good excercise, too!

Learn to save money is necessary in hard time, especially in Brasil where is hard to earn it, one way to save it is, take a short shower to save on water and electricity, turn off the light bulbs durant the day and let the Windows open blind.

Great advice, and great job with the expressions, Denilson!

I used WhatsApp to save cellphone bills.

Lots of us do, too! 😀

I am saving money to travel on vacation.

Same here!

I save money by buying in the wholesale.

Yes, that’s a good way to save. Do you buy in bulk?

I hear Tim’s podcasts to save on english class payments.

Smart! 😉

I always do my hair and nails by myself to save on beauty costs

That’s saves a lot!

We are saving money to travel. ( viagem de formatura da faculdade… How can I say that in English? 🙂 )

You are saving money for your graduation trip. Sounds fun!

Sometimes i drink weak coffee to save on coffee : )

(Is it correct? “weak coffee”?)

That’s correct, Daniel. So you make American coffee! 😀

Using LNG Car helps us saving on GAS expend.

Do you have an LNG car, Marcos?

I do my dinner to save on restaurat bills.

Yes, you can spend a lot on eating out!

I don’t open the refrigerator all the time to save on electricity bills.

I walk to work to save on bus fares

I try to use old paper to involve some box to save on paper when I send it to other company’s office by mail.

I wait the promotions to save on money and buy a lot of games.

I save on money by using my computer as video-game.

I’m saving on money to go to Disney World this year.

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