‘Sem querer’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #281

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‘Sem querer’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #281

Ops! Enviei uma mensagem para a pessoa errada sem querer! Então vamos aprender a dizer "sem querer" em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Have you ever texted someone by accident?
Sorry! That was by accident.
by accident
Will my crush ever text me?
have a crush on someone
It was by accident.
Have you ever texted someone by accident?
I texted my brother by accident.




Have you ever texted someone by accident? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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21 comments “‘Sem querer’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #281”

Yes, yesterday I texted my husband and I asked him a recipe of cheesecake. It was by accident , actually it was to my sister.

Did you intend to send it to your sister?

I’ve text my boss by accident but he didn’t care about it!

Sometimes, I’ve texted any friend of mine by accident. When this goes on, I get embarrassed.

I texted a massage by accident to a workgroup in whatsapp. Luckily, it wasn’t important.

I was playing videogame with a friend when I killed him by accident.

Sometimes, i texted on my family’s group by acident and the most of the time the spell-checker tricked me.

I don’t remember i have ever texted someone by accident.

My wife sometime texted by accident to our son and we smille.

No, I don’t I always pay attention before to send messages.

Good morning everybody, using WhatsApp every day is very common texted by accident, for my luck I can delete it before some people read it….
I hope the sentence has been write correctly…

Have a nice day 

I texted my workmate by accident…actually, my intended was to texted to my former boss, from my last job…

I was listening the episode without my headphones and when you said “aí a Siri”, you were able to activate the Siri on my iPhone. Hahaha

Yes! I texted wrong people in MSN era by accident. Many conversations windows are a big trouble.

Who hasn´t ever texted someone by accident? That happens to everybody!

I have texted my cousin by accident yesterday

Haha… I’ve already texted some friends by accident when I’m in a hurry without wearing glasses.

Timandtammy, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

When I was talking with a crush I change the person’s name by accident.

I texted my friend Dodô by accident.

I texted my mother by accident.

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