Inglês Natural #06: só que | Inglês Todos os Dias #351

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Inglês Natural #06: só que | Inglês Todos os Dias #351

Está muito calor hoje, só que eu tenho ar condicionado no meu escritório.  Como você diria o "só que" nessa sentença? Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje e aprenda mais este "discourse marker"!

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It's very hot today. I have air-conditioning in my study, though.
Though I speak Portuguese, I am not Brazilian.
It's very hot today. I have air-conditioning, though.
It's very hot today, but I have air-conditioning.
I'm hungry. Lunch is not ready, though.
It's not easy. You can do it, though.


Write two sentences, and use "though" in the second one in the comments section below.

___________________ . _________________ , though.

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20 comments “Inglês Natural #06: só que | Inglês Todos os Dias #351”

That girl’s really ungly, those legs tho!!!

That second part is actually a common expression, as I am sure you know.

I’m going to travel for work. I’m going by bus, though.

I’m very tired now. I need to wait for my turn, though.

I’m tired. The bedroom is occupied, though.

I am tired today. I go to the gym this night , thoug.
They don’t like to be together anymore. They keepi married , though.

I have an exam today, I’m not ready to do today, though.

It is time to have a lunch. I am not hungry, though.

I haverá a headache. I already bought the remedy, though

I have a headache. I already bought the remedy, though

I don’t like to be nervous when I’m watching football. I’m a Steeler’s fan though.

I tryed learn mathematics; I can’t though.
I like american football; I don’t too watch though.
(não sei se está certo, mas eu quis dizer “não assisto muito”).
ah, boa pra última frase:
I write. I don’t know right though.

I’m uneployed. I’m in a sabbatical period too, though.

I am very tired I need to work, though.

I would like a private lesson of English, I can’t pay for this, though.

I am late, I do come later, though

She went to the midletown. She should take the children to the school, though.

I am very tired. I am going to sleep, though.

I am like to speak English. I don’t speak English very well, though!

I’m tired, I’m going to play, though

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